Tyson Fury - legendary boxer at the end of his career

The month ago, it became known about the end of Tyson Fury's career in big boxing. How do we remember the fighter, and is there any chance of him returning?

The great Tyson Fury ends his career

Late Saturday night, from Saturday to Sunday, from April 24 to 25, after a very short but very intense (more than 40 punches per round on average) fight with Dillian Whyte, WBC super heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was satisfied with his impressive premature victory, announced the end of his professional boxing career standing before 94 thousand spectators, gathered at the legendary Wembley.

The Gypsy King, who has repeatedly amazed the public with his acting and vocal skills, chose the best moment for the minister of Melpomene and boxer to announce his decision. At the height of his fame and popularity, in front of tens of thousands of fans of his talent. With Tyson Fury goes a whole era: no matter how we feel about the Briton, he breathed life into the heavyweight division of professional boxing in the last five years, and he has been the protagonist, wowing both in and out of the ring. If you're more interested in online casino India, then look at slots on the theme of boxing.

The Boxer's Way

And yes, throughout his professional career, Fury has never lost, defeating Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilder (twice), and Dillian Whyte in the last five years. Joshua is the only one with a comparable fight record among the current top-10 heavyweights (let's leave Usik, who had three super heavyweight fights out of the equation), but his losses to Ruiz and Usik hurt both his career and AJ's record.

That said, unlike Joshua, who was and still is the kind of benchmark boxer and athlete - power, pressure, regime, right actions and behavior, competent management, and marketing, Fury, throughout his career, remained a regular man. He broke the rule, dabbled with drugs, was caught doping, drank, got depressed, quit boxing and came back, did seemingly crazy and illogical things, and was surprised. Even with his nickname - The Gypsy King - Fury, a descendant of the Irish Gypsies, managed to play, sometimes giving it up, sometimes asking to call him by that name again.

According to Fury, he fulfilled his promise to his wife Paris and didn't want to box at a high level because of his age. However, the Gypsy King has not ruled out doing exhibition fights.

"Dillian White is a warrior, and I believe he will be a world champion, but today he faced another warrior. He has the heart of a lion, but he dealt with the best super heavyweight on the planet. I think Lennox Lewis would be proud of that right uppercut," Fury said. - I promised my beloved wife Paris that I would quit after my third fight with Wilder. However, I was offered a fight at Wembley, at home, and I believe I owed it to my fans. So now I've done it. I think that might actually be the end of it. What a great way to go.

I spent 20 years in this game, and I'll be 34 years old in a few months. After my third fight with Deontay Wilder, I said it would be my last fight, but I felt I owed the fans one previous home performance. So it was the end of "Gypsy King," and I left loudly. Tonight was a fantastic night, but it's the end.

You'll only see me in exhibition bouts, WWE, and movies. Ngannou is also on that list. It will only be exhibition fights, maybe wrestling bouts, and the like if I fight again. Fun and entertainment things that don't get on your nerves or disturb your sleep and don't seriously injure you.

There will always be someone else in boxing that you need to fight. There are a lot of good heavyweights who can get a place in the sun now. I'm an old, bald, and fat guy - I'm out. I've done enough, and I'm pleased with where I am, who I am, and what I've done. Very, very happy with my career," noted the Gypsy King.

The eccentric boxer

Fury could afford to show up at a press conference as Batman, sign a contract with the promotion company of the Irish Kinahan cartel, troll his opponents and all sorts of boxing organizations, throwing away championship belts. He was himself, not shy about making a show in and out of the ring. Even at his possible farewell press conference as an active boxer, Fury came with a naked torso, forcing his coach to appear in the same way in front of journalists.

But behind all this outward flamboyance was the main thing: Fury is genuinely an incredible boxer. He is technically well-prepared, with excellent timing, and fantastic for his size and flexibility. He's also a man of unbelievable willpower and an athlete who is not afraid to take on challenges. That the return to the top of the boxing world scene after two and a half stoppages, caused by already mentioned depression after victory over Wladimir Klitschko, and dropping more than 50 pounds, from 171 to 115, the ability and strength to get up after Wilder's crushing blows. And even agreeing to meet the most formidable knockout of the current heavyweight division in his third fight after his return and his third in six months is already admirable. But we also remember the result.

"One of the greatest super featherweights of all time. I'm happy that he fought in my era," was the emotional reaction to Fury's announcement of his retirement from boxing by two-weight world champion Shakur Stevenson. It's hard to argue with him. And suppose we're talking about the man who ascended to the heavyweight throne after Wladimir Klitschko and became his successor. In that case, it's definitely Fury who beat the almost peak Ukrainian, not Joshua, who rolled up a bright fight but still beat the 39-year-old boxer who hasn't been in the ring in about two years.

Hope for a comeback

WBC champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) earned $33.6 million to fight Dillian Whyte (28-3, 19 KOs).

Fury's base fee was $29.5 million.

Another $4.1 million the 33-year-old Briton received for his victory over White. For his part, Dillian earned $7.4 million for the fight.

Fury had no problems against White and defended his WBC super-bantamweight title. The Gypsy King defeated Dillian by technical knockout in the sixth round.

Tyson's wife Paris believes he will return to the ring for a unification fight with the Alexander Usik - Anthony Joshua winner.

Still, the Gypsy King wouldn't be himself if he didn't leave himself a little loophole and fans with the hope of seeing him in the ring. At any rate, Fury's statement about his willingness to participate in exhibition bouts should be taken that way. So we hope for a continuation of the show.

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