Betting odds for the upcoming fight: Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua

The organization of the fight was frozen because Alexander joined the territorial defense of Ukraine, but on March 26, 2022, the boxer left the country and decided to prepare for the fight. For the rematch, it is worth reading the exclusive Joshua vs Usyk odds prediction.

Casino odds: Usyk vs Joshua

The stakes are as high as in the first fight. Of course, Usyk will fight in a completely new reality, and he has to give 200%. If he survives the first six or seven rounds, he will start to outbox Joshua in his usual manner. As it turned out, the Ukrainian's punching power is enough to shock the giant and make him go to the ropes.

Joshua gets lost at close range, and that's exactly what Alexander will take advantage of. This information can use to play and pay to win. In nieuw casino, gamblers choose the possible outcome of the match. The principles of the upcoming battle remain the same: Usik will confront Joshua with his tactical mind and his phenomenal speed for a heavyweight. The knowledge of tactics helps to make money in fights.

Alexander's tour in the heavyweight division is in full swing. He has three victories and he fully understands how to behave during a heavyweight duel. Of course, the Ukrainian's preparation for the rematch was complicated by many outside factors. According to his manager, Alexander even lost some weight on his stressful background.

What is the situation with betting on the fight now? The boxer's haters should not count on him to fail training camp and not be able to give the Brit a competitive rematch. This fact will be useful for betting on betalen met Neteller online casino. Now Usik is maximum motivated and ready to bring the belts to his homeland again.

What to expect from Usik in the rematch with Joshua?

More of an amazing featherweight. We are going to have to move much more actively, especially in the first rounds. While in the past Anthony was trying to drag the fight and outbid Alexander in the later rounds, now, on the contrary, he will try to outbid him.

Usik's most successful tricks in the first fight were left overhand and sidekicks, as well as a series of dodging punches. The tactic was simple – not to try to play the exchange with the huge Brit, but to shift the emphasis to not the strongest, but accurate "invisible" punches. At the same time, it is important for Alexander not to give his opponent the center of the ring. His offensive moves should be accompanied by continuous counterattacks and not turn into a protracted defense.

Anthony Joshua

Once fearsome and athletic fighter lost his invincibility in the eyes of analysts. His loss to Ruiz was a turning point in his career. The boxer didn't even bother to take a long break and fought a return fight against the Mexican seven months later (he wanted to go out earlier, but had to deal with organizational issues). The rematch victory, and then the fight against Usik, was supposed to bring Anthony back to the top of the division. But, as we recall, those plans were thwarted by one underdog. The rematch is his last chance to claim the listed titles. If he loses, the way to the top will be closed.

Odds for Usik vs Joshua fight

The Ukrainian not only impressed but simply amazed analysts. In the rematch, he became the favorite, and with a serious advantage. You can bet on Usik's victory in the casino with the odds of 1.54. Joshua barely recovered from his first defeat in the fight against Ruiz and immediately lost again. The analysts suspect that the boxer may be psychologically severely broken. The Odds prediction of Joshua's victory is 2.80.

What can we expect from Joshua in his fight with Usik?

Joshua says it openly and honestly: "I thought I could box with Usik, but I couldn't. I think he won two more rounds than I did. Now my only goal is to get back to my roots and go for the hard knockout." Of course, many fans immediately stated that this was a deceptive maneuver, that Joshua was unlikely to be that dangerous in the first rounds and wouldn't pick up the pace. However, he has no other option.

Joshua's chances of winning

Who definitely should never be quickly written off is Anthony. Remember his rematch against Ruiz. The Briton showed that he can not only change the game plan in the return fight, but he can make his opponent follow it. The problem is that Usik is not a straightforward Mexican shirt, unable to rearrange himself during the fight. Alexander is prepared for any development and is well aware that Joshua is unlikely to jump over his head.


The British man's main chance to win is a knockout in the first through seventh rounds. Otherwise, we're looking at a repeat of the first fight with a slight points advantage for the Ukrainian.

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