Does Testosterone Help With Boxing? Find Out Here

If you like boxing and want to take it up as a sport, then you might be considering taking testosterone supplements. It’s no secret that many of the world’s most acclaimed fighters take these kinds of supplements. Testosterone supplements are also very popular with low-level and recreational boxers. It’s important not to confuse testosterone supplements with steroids, however. Steroids can be very bad for your health and are illegal in most professional sports.

This post will tell you all about testosterone, and whether or not it can help you to become a better boxer:

What Are Testosterone Supplements?

Testosterone supplements (also known as testosterone boosters) are a form of supplemental medication that increase one’s testosterone supply. High testosterone levels are associated with aggressiveness, so a testosterone boost can make a boxer a lot more effective. After all, if a boxer’s extremely aggressive, then they are more likely to overcome and defeat their opponent. The more aggressive fighter nearly always wins. In addition to increased aggression, testosterone boosters also increase muscle mass growth, physical strength, sex drive, arousal, and mood. If you intend on taking them, then make sure that you work out the correct dosage for your age and weight. Taking too much can be bad for you.

Does Testosterone Help With Boxing?

The answer to this section’s titular question is a strong yes, testosterone can help you with boxing. As mentioned previously, testosterone can help people to become better boxers because it can increase their aggression. Another way that testosterone can help with boxing is by increasing a person’s muscle mass and strength. Strength and muscle mass are fundamental to a boxer’s success. One needs to be stronger than one’s opponent. With that said, boxing is also a game of skill; there’s a lot more to boxing than just brute strength and aggression.

Becoming More Calculated

If you want to become a better boxer, then in addition to taking testosterone boosters, it’s also a good idea to research the sport and learn to become a much more calculated fighter. It’s also a good idea to work on your technical performance, learn what combinations to perform at specific times, and improve your overall technique. The best way to learn to be a better boxer is to take a class, which you may already do. If you don’t then taking classes is strongly recommended, because you can learn from the experience of your coach and the other fighters around you.

Overdoing Testosterone

You need to make sure that you take a healthy amount, that’s calculated according to your body size. Taking too much can result in heart attacks, liver disease, abnormal bone growth, mental health issues, small testicles, high blood pressure, and infertility. All of these things are only risks when you take too much testosterone. As long as you take an amount that’s right for your body weight and height, then you won’t experience any of these problems. If you do experience negative symptoms, discontinue use.

Testosterone supplements can make you a much more indomitable fighter. If you are going to be fighting professionally, then check first whether or not the league that you are fighting in allows testosterone supplements to be taken. Some don’t, sadly.

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