You’ll Never Believe Mexico’s Latest Boxing Victory!

Scheduled Boxing Class in Plaza de la Constitucion

The event was promoted as an outdoor boxing class being hosted and organized by the Sports Institute of Mexico City and to be held in the Plaza de la Constitucion. The instructors included some of the nation’s most famous champs such as:

• Andy Ruiz Jr.

• Erik Morales – “El Terrible”

• Oscar Valdez

• Humberto Gonzalez – “Chiquita”

• Jackie Nava

• Miguel Berchelt

• Alfonso Zamora

• Jose Cuevas – “Pipino”

• Jose Antonio Aguirre – “Jaguar”

• Jose Luis Bueno

• Ganigan Lopez

• Mariana Juarez

• Adrian Hernandez – “Confesor”

• Alan David Picasso

• Ana Maria Tores

And the victorious ‘championship’ was actually a fight against Russia who held the previous Guinness World Record with 3,250 Russian participants. Anything more than that would have put Mexico over the top but in an amazing show of Mexican pride, there were 14,299 participants in the June 18 outdoor boxing class.

Mexican Pride at Its All-Time Best

Mexico is known for the tight-knit families and communities that stick together, especially when times are tough. Many Mexican migrant workers flock to the US to earn money to send home. Typically, they do this through such things as Western Union money transfers but in recent years there is a Ria Money Transfer app, making it possible to send money to Mexico without leaving their home in the US as they get paid. Mexicans are proud of their heritage and although evidenced by the way workers continue to support families back home, this gathering was yet another show of Mexican pride.

A couple weeks prior to the event, the Director of Indeporte, the Sports Institute of Mexico City, handed out red, green and white t-shirts that would form the colors and pattern of the Mexican Flag when all participants would be gathered in the plaza. Javier Hidalgo Ponce handed out these shirts in the hope of beating the Russian record but probably never even dreamed that participation would be as high as it was. This was surely another example of the pride Mexicans take in their city, their sports and in their culture.

A Short Class with Long-Lasting Effects

Many of these attendees traveled days to reach the event which was to only last one half hour. In that time there were only two short 20-second breaks to give participants a chance to drink a bit of water to stay hydrated in the heat. It was but a short class to have traveled so far to attend, but the amount of pride they took in this victory will last for years to come. Many sportscasters doubt this record will ever be beaten. Knowing the pride the Mexican people take in their country, they are probably correct. Do you think more than 14,000 people will ever gather at a boxing class of this magnitude again? It’s highly doubtful!

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