Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr: Bookmaker's Quotes

The sports fighting world is extremely interesting. Millions around the globe enjoy watching two courageous men exchange punches until the better one wins. Like many other things, this sport has evolved dramatically with the expansion of big online platforms. People from different walks of life have started participating in fights. Jake Paul, a YouTuber is the perfect example of how gaining popularity and followership can be an excellent basis for becoming a good boxer.

He now stands out thanks to his success in previous fights. While it all started as a YouTube trend where YouTubers would fight each other, Jake showed that he’s more than that. That’s why his matches are some of the most watched globally. That means that millions of people pay to watch him fight his opponents. Let’s look at the current odds proposed by the best online gambling sites USA. After a long time, it looks like the fight will be sensational. Let’s take a closer look.

Jake Paul Previous Results

After his brief amateur career, Jake decided to go pro only a couple of years from his first fights. His first opponent was Aneson Gib. After winning that fight, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley all went through the same experience, each of whom Jake knocked out. He now sits at a professional record of 5-0.

This shows that Jake Paul is a serious contender with a clean history in this fight. While his reach, weight, and height place him in the cruiserweight division, Hasim Rashman Jr is taller and has a longer reach. We’ll see how that’ll translate in the ring.

Hasim Rahman Jr Previous Results

Unlike Jake Paul, a popular Youtuber, Hasim Rahman Jr is a professional boxer with a fantastic record. His score is 12-1. As you can see, he has repeatedly shown that he’s a skilled boxer. Still, it’s important to note that the last fight didn’t go in his favor, as he lost to James McKenzie Morrison in April of 2022. That might give some advantage to Jake Paul. Being knocked out requires a long recovery period and negatively impacts a fighter’s self-esteem.

Hopefully, Hasim will be able to perform at his best for the fight. His size, speed and reach give him some edge over Jake, but we’ll see how the fight will turn out. One thing is certain: Hasim greatly benefits from this fight as his number of followers on social media shot through the roof thanks to Jake’s popularity.

What Do Bookmakers Think?

The most popular bookmakers in the US are more inclined towards Jake Paul. That’s not a surprise given his success record. However, Hasim Rahman Jr also comes prepared for the fight. Despite being a professional athlete, it turns out that he’s an underdog. While the odds show that Jake will win 69%, it doesn’t have to mean much. True boxing fans know how unpredictable the sport is, especially when you consider that Hasim Rahman is in the middle of his career and coming in with his full power.

It looks like Jake’s popularity is on his side, as the most popular bookmakers are on his side.

The Fight Looks Unpredictable

Even though gambling brands are on Jake’s side, the fight is all but predictable. So far, it’s clear that the audience can expect any kind of outcome on that night. Jake’s previous successes are great mental support for him. Still, Hasim has a great record himself. The only problem might be the last knockout he went through, as it has probably played with his confidence. But we’ll see what’s going to happen on August 6th. Things will be interesting as the fighters are not in the best relations.


It’s interesting to see how Jake’s professional career is moving at a face pace. He is young and ambitious. So far, it looked like he carefully chose his opponents, allowing him to reach a great record. We’re yet to see whether Hasim Rahman is a good fit for him or is he going to be the one who’ll push the pause button in his career. One thing’s certain, the fight will remain unpredictable as both these fighters pack quite a punch. With Jake’s popularity, we can expect an event millions of people pay to see.

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