Tyson Fury Has Several Options While He Awaits the Undisputed Bout

After finishing the trilogy against Deontay Wilder in late 2021, Tyson Fury spent 2022 in the UK to showcase his world title-winning skills against Dillian Whyte and Derek Chisora. Now, he has his eyes set on making history by combining his WBC World heavyweight title with the three of Oleksandr Usyk.

Over the last two years, Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua twice, and while the British gold medallist put up a better fight in the second meet, Usyk was the clear winner of both. However, as continues to be the case in boxing, making the fight that everyone wants is proving difficult. As it stands, Usyk vs Fury isn’t happening.

Usyk’s promoter has been insisting on a 50-50 split, which is somewhat generous given that Usyk is bringing three of the four belts to the table. Fury’s camp, however, sees the Brit as the larger draw, thus deserving of a bigger cut. If neither side gives, Fury looks to be on for a date with Andy Ruiz Jr, but has plenty of options in the meantime.

Get back in the square circle

Tyson Fury’s highest-profile outing away from the boxing ring in recent years has been his involvement with the WWE. In pro wrestling, he has developed a great relationship with the higher-ups, been involved in a few shows, and sparked up a rivalry with Drew McIntyre.

As you can see in the article posted here, Fury wants to get back into wrestling again soon. In 2022, the company went to Cardiff for Clash at the Castle, where Fury made an appearance. On 1 July, the WWE will return to the UK – specifically, the O2 Arena in London – for Money in the Bank, which Fury could easily make his own.

License himself out for games

Boxing fans who enjoy any form of gaming have been deprived of top-class boxing entertainment for over a decade. Earlier this year, Undisputed hit early access on Steam, with its game page here showing that it still isn't as a fully fledged boxing simulation. While Fury has been scanned into the game, it’s still a very light experience for the price.

Still, there are ways to get a dedicated Fury game quickly. The WBC heavyweight champions could license a branded slot game like several stars in diverse sections of the entertainment industry. At the online casino offering a no-deposit bonus on all slots and tables, this one here, there’s already Jágr’s Super Slot, which stars ice hockey legend Jaromir Jágr, as well as the wrestling slot Lucha Loot, and official games for Jimi Hendrix and Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen.

Break into Hollywood

Already on WWE shows and a feature of the Undisputed and UFC 4 games, Fury’s next big step could be featuring in a Hollywood movie. He’s already won over Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone – and the US public – with his Apollo Creed getup a few years back – for the Tom Schwarz fight in Las Vegas. Next, he could look for a part in the iconic film series.

He has a Netflix documentary on the way, which is predominantly filmed in Morecambe, but there’ll also be another Creed film. Creed III has only just been released at cinemas, but Michael B. Jordan has confirmed that Creed IV is already in the works. Following the spin-off’s tradition, Fury could cameo as a true heavyweight giant amidst the leads who might just scrape into the category – but probably not.

Tyson Fury’s become such a beloved personality in the UK and US that he has several options that’ll all pay well and promote him as a major draw even further.

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