Fury vs. Usyk - Betting Odds For The Fight

If you’ve had your ear on the ground the last few weeks, the talk is rife about the Fury vs. Usyk fight. Even fighters are weighing in on the situation, giving their opinions about who they think will win. And due to all these subjective opinions, the odds on reputable sites like Posido have been changing fast. One week, Fury has the upper hand; the other week, Usyk seems to be at the forefront. If you’re on the fence about who to wager on, read on for insights about this fight:

Fury vs. Usyk

A great way to assess who’s likely to win is to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each fighter. So, what’s the current situation?


Tyson Fury is a bit of a wildcard, as he can quickly switch stances. So, even when another fighter thinks he has the upper hand, Fury can always turn things around. Take the example of his fight with Derek Chisora. By the 10th round, things seemed to be favoring Derek. But Fury altered the odds by taking a southpaw stance instead of the orthodox position. So, if Usyk cannot keep up with the stance changes, he might be in for some trouble.

Besides his ability to change stances, Fury is also a fast thinker. Sometimes, things happen in the ring where a fighter feels lost or trapped. But Fury hardly lets it get to him and is known for having a high ring IQ. Let’s use his fight against Deontay Wilder as our example. They were up to the 12th round, and things looked bad for Fury. But did he get up and keep going? Yes! And he had the upper hand during the rematch, dominating the match by dodging shots.

If his previous matches, where he’s managed 24 knockouts, are anything to go by, this British fighter may be the one to bag the win. But, of course, he’d have to address his weaknesses. The main threat to his success is his knack for underestimating his opponents. He somehow always feels that he has the upper hand, which can work against him. Who knows what could transpire if he goes into the fight thinking that Usyk will be an easy opponent?


This Ukrainian fighter has 13 knockouts to his name. And while many bookies may have him as the underdog, he could likely win. After all, he also ranks high in the heavyweight division and has as much of a chance of winning as Fury. Plus, he’s very agile, which allows him to move around in the ring to the detriment of the other player. He’s known for physically and mentally exhausting his opponents and could take a similar approach in the coming fight.

Additionally, Usyk is good at avoiding fight-defining punches. His agility comes into play in this aspect, which helps him remain strong and keep punching in the subsequent rounds. Did we mention that he is astute? His wit might be the match to Fury’s ring IQ. Who knows who will outsmart the other? And given his excellent training, he could be on his way to a win.

Who Deserves Your Support?

Before wagering for or against any of these fighters, here are some things to keep in mind:

a. Read about their stats leading up to D-day. Even a slight injury before their fight can result in a turn of events.

b. Do not wager money you cannot afford to lose. Backing a favorite feels like a guarantee, but there is no such thing in betting. Any money you put down can go down the drain. So, develop a sound budget and use it as your guide for your wagers.

c. Avoid making emotional bets. You may like Fury or Usyk and allow this to affect your decision. But subjective wagers seldom result in wins. Go with the data instead.

Also, remember to enjoy the fight. You have waited this long to watch it. So, instead of fixating on the odds and profits, enjoy the show and make some memories.

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