America has been suffering from many divisions lately. From political polarization to opposing views on several social issues, the divisions in American society almost feel irreconcilable. But the situation is not nearly as bad as it seems in the media. Because Americans as people have more in common with each other than they realize. In short, what unites Americans far outweighs their differences.

One of the principal examples of these unifying factors in sports. And even within sports, nothing represents the shared interests of Americans more than Boxing.

So, this summer let’s forget the differences and focus on exactly that, Boxing. With April offering several pristine contests the time could not be better for you to turn away from the news and turn toward America’s most loved sport.

So, here is a look at two of the best boxing contests Americans can look forward to during the upcoming month.

But before jumping into an in-depth discussion about these contests, talking about one thing feels almost essential. Much like every other form of entertainment in the modern world boxing tournaments have now moved online.

One of the fights mentioned in this write-up is in fact produced by a sports streaming service. In simple words, you cannot enjoy these clashes without having access to fast-paced internet broadband. In other words, it is about time that you ditched your slug-paced DSL connection in favor of more advanced options like fiber-based broadband.

And though most American rural communities do not have access to advanced options like fiber broadband, residents do not necessarily have to suffer from the punishment meted out by slug-paced DSL connections. Instead, rural Americans can, and should, ditch their obsolete DSL connections in favor of more high-tech options offered by satellite-based internet service providers like HughesNet Internet.

Even though satellite internet lags behind its fiber and cable counterparts, the speeds are exactly ideal when it comes to streaming sports online. In other words, HughesNet users do not have to suffer from buffering breaks in between punches.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump to the more interesting bit of this conversation i.e. Boxing. Here are two must-watch upcoming boxing fights to watch out for.


This highlight of the golden boy fight night Is slated to take place on April the 6th and will be broadcast live from California’s Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on the sports streaming platform DAZN at 6 P.M Eastern Time.

The event will constitute a 12-round clash between flyweight titans, Angel Tito Acosta and Angelino Huracan Cordova.

Angel Acosta, the former world champion from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is returning to the ring after delivering his last knockout in the May of 2022. With an impressive fight record of 23 wins and only 3 losses including an astonishing 22 knockouts, Angel is going into this fight as the favorite.

Moreover, a dominating win in this contest will bring him one step closer to another chance at the coveted world championship title. The former champion is training in Coachella Valley with the veteran trainer Joel Diaz.

It is pertinent to mention that Acosta put up three successful title defenses before losing his title the last time and hopes to devastate his opponent during his comeback fight.

His opponent, Angelino Cordova, on the other hand, has been training in New York and also showcases an impressive track record of 17 wins, no losses, and a single draw with an impressive 12 knockouts under his belt.

Cordova, who is clearly the underdog going into this fight addressed the pre-fight press conference more as a fan of his Acosta than his opponent, claiming that he had a lot of respect for the former champion and that the fight itself is a big boon to his career.

But no matter what the odds declare, Cordova does have an unbeaten record so the clash between the Puerto Rican and the Venezuelan is all set to be a fight to remember.


The top fight of the SHOBOX: The Next Generation premier league’s tripleheader will take place on April the 7th and will be broadcast live from California’s Cache Greek Casino in Brooks at 7 PM Eastern Time.

The event will constitute a 10-round clash between super lightweight Titans, Shinard Bunch and Bryan Flores both of whom have a title fight prospects and are looking to win this fight to one-up the other.

Shinard Bunch is returning to the ring from New York after a hiatus to star in the third SHOBOX fight event of the year. Bunch has an impressive record of 20 wins, and only a single loss and a draw each. The fighter started out his boxing career at the young age of 7 and has whitewashed several contenders since then.

His only loss was at the very beginning of his career while his only draw was owing to a very controversial decision. And sandwiched between this draw and loss was a five consecutive wins streak.

His opponent, the national champion from Mexico has yet to suffer from a loss during his professional boxing career and is the better’s favorite to win this event. Though Shinard cannot be called an underdog going into this fight.

In short, the fight is more of an even match than the other one on this list and the winner has a sure-shot chance of getting a contender slot for the world title.

Who knows may be the winner of this might even become the 89th titan from SHOBOX to win the world championship.


With a fight planned for the very first day, April is going to be a stellar week for American boxing lovers. The two fights mentioned in the write-up ate the highlights of their respective genres and are all set to set the tone for April’s high-profile clashes.

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