Will Tyson Fury's Mustache Beat Him If The Fight Takes Place?

Tyson Fury is one of the biggest names in the boxing game. The Gypsy King has been the holder of the WBC heavyweight title since 2020. After his fight with Deontay Wilder, which ended in defeat for The Bronze Bomber, Tyson became the third heavyweight to hold The Ring Magazine title twice after Floyd Patterson and Muhammed Ali.

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Is Tyson Fury Undefeated

The Gypsy King has fought as a professional boxer for nearly 16 years. He has fought a staggering 34 fights and won 33 of them 70.6% of these wins were K.O. ( that is 24 out of the 33 games). Six of Tyson's wins were in a title fight, and out of his 24 knockouts, four were in a title fight. Three out of the title fights were title defenses. The Gypsy king drew only one of his 34 fights and had zero losses. Tyson Fury's record is stunning, and his name is up there with the likes of Muhammed Ali. The question in every boxing fan's mouth is, "Who will defeat The Gypsy King?"

Tyson Fury's Facial Hair

The true fans of the heavyweight champion know that their favorite grow a grizzly beard whenever he prepares for fights. It happened in 2014 before his fight against Derek Chisora at ExCel in London. The champ had to shave his facial hair due to the BBBoC rules on facial hair.

Also, in 2018, The Gypsy King wanted to fight The Bronze Bomber at Staples Center in L.A California. Tyson shaved his facial hair. He revealed that he felt fantastic and like he had a tiny face. He added, "New look. New dawn. New hour. New day. New me." The match ended in a split draw.

Will Tyson Fury's Mustache Beat Him If The Fight Takes Place?

Realistically, the boxer Mustache can't beat him as Mustache isn't a human or possesses physical strength. However, a number of factors affect the outcome of a boxing match; some include the strength, skills, speed, stamina, and techniques of a fighter. Unfortunately, the facial hair or Mustache of an athlete doesn't play a direct role in the outcome of a boxing match.

In the case of The Gypsy King, it seems he is more comfortable fighting with his facial hair shaved. Even though facial hair might not have a direct impact on an athlete's performance in the ring, the comfort of the athlete plays a major role. If fighting with a shaved mustache is what makes the heavyweight champion of the world comfortable, so long as he keeps shaving his Mustache, it won't have a direct impact on the outcome of his matches.

Interesting Facts About Tyson Furyr

The Gypsy King has a brother that is also undefeated. Tommy Fury has fought nine times and nine times, and he won four out of the nine matches by knockout. Tyson Fury married his childhood love, whom he met at the age of 17, and his wife was 15 at the time.

Tyson was named after the boxing legend Mike Tyson; as fate will have it, he is living up to the name. His boxing career is as glistering as the iron Mike's. The heavyweight champ was born premature and weighed 450g. However, as an adult, he weighs 190 kg at his heaviest. The Gypsy King has represented both England and Ireland on the international stage. Also, Tyson is a big fan of football, and his favorite football club is Manchester united.


Tyson Fury's Mustache can't beat him in a fight if it takes place. However, the Mustache can have an effect on the outcome of the champ's match if The Gypsy King is not comfortable fighting with it. However, he might have to fight with the Mustache due to the rule against facial hair.

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