How Does The Casino World Fit In With Wrestling?

When it comes to the world of entertainment, few industries are as captivating and unpredictable as wrestling. But what happens when wrestling combines with casinos? When worlds collide, the sparks are bound to fly, and that's precisely what's been happening in the fascinating fusion of the casino world and wrestling.

The relationship between casinos and wrestling has flourished in recent years, with each industry borrowing concepts from the other. From hosting epic showdowns in casinos to developing wrestling-themed online casino games and enlisting wrestlers as casino ambassadors, the crossover between casinos and wrestling is more common than you think. So, let's step into the ring and look further at how the world of casinos intertwines with wrestling.

Casinos Hosting Wrestling Events

Casinos and wrestling events may seem like an odd combo, but they've become quite the tag team in recent years. From the 2018 Royal Rumble held at the Wells Fargo Center Betrivers Lounge to regular wrestling matches organised at the Sycuan Casino, there have been plenty of these events.

But what do casinos gain from hosting these epic showdowns? Wrestling events bring in massive crowds, and casinos have the perfect setup to handle them, leading to skyrocketing ticket sales, concessions, and merch. On top of that, these events bring in new customers to the casinos.

Lured by the excitement of live events in a casino setting, wrestling fans might explore other options like casino games and food, expanding the casinos’ fan base and boosting their cash flow. The convenience of having everything under one roof makes the allure of attending a wrestling event in a casino all the more enticing.

Wrestling-Themed Online Casino Games

Each slot game has its own story to tell with its unique theme. From Marvel-themed slots to Egyptian-themed and now wrestling-themed ones, you’ll realise that every slot has its own personalised gimmick.

With the advent of wrestling-based slots like Karate Pig and Lucha Libre brought to you by big names like Microgaming and NetEnt, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, all from the comfort of your home. In place of your typical wilds, you’ll have your beloved wrestlers, referees, and other symbols like championship belts.

To beckon you to start gaming, some wrestling-themed slots even sample pre-match scenes of wrestlers trash-talking and sizing each other up. However, these slots aren't just about wrestling; they also feature exciting promotions like free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds where you can win big while having a great time.

Wrestlers as Casino Ambassadors

Wrestlers usually have a large fanbase worldwide. It’s for this reason that casinos may form contracts with them to promote the casinos themselves through appearances and ads. The wrestlers show up for promotional events and sign autographs, and in exchange, the casinos pay them handsomely.

An example of this is when Sycuan Casino struck a deal with WWE icon Rey Mysterio back in 2016. The Mexican-American wrestler attended the casino’s launch of its branding campaign: (Play. Win. Together.) and appeared in a TV commercial and a Spanish radio commercial.

He even physically attended several events for the San Diego Casino and signed autographs for fans as per the terms of his contract. Thanks to him, Sycuan's brand gained immense popularity while at the same time, he was compensated accordingly, a win-win situation.

Casino Theme in Wrestling Events

Wrestling events are famous for their crazy storylines, often revolving around casinos. WWE's Raw Roulette episodes are particularly exciting, using a spinning roulette wheel to decide match types and rules.

Some unforgettable moments from the Raw Roulette include The Undertaker's retirement at WrestleMania 33 and Bayley winning the Women's Money in the Bank contract. These events have had a big impact on WWE's popularity and income, with Money in the Bank and WrestleMania ranking among the top-earning pay-per-views.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has also embraced the casino theme with events like All Out and Double or Nothing, showcasing thrilling matches like the Casino Battle Royale and Casino Ladder Match. These events have given fans unforgettable experiences and helped AEW grow its audience and revenue.

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