CES Boxing Inks Undefeated Super Featherweight Sensation Alejandro Paulino

CES Boxing is excited to announce the addition of one of boxing's most promising rising stars, Alejandro "El Abusador" Paulino, to a multi-year promotional contract.

According to Jimmy Burchfield Sr., the founder of CES Boxing, "This signing is on par with our significant acquisition of Jamaine Ortiz. Paulino stands out as one of the most outstanding young talents in the boxing world. His unwavering commitment to his fitness regimen is admirable; he consistently frequents the gym and possesses a strong desire to achieve the status of a world champion. These are the caliber of fighters we are eager to bring into our fold."

Hailing from New London, Paulino boasts an impressive record of 15 wins, all by knockout, without a single defeat. His latest triumph was a first-round knockout in his most recent bout at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT.

Paulino expressed his eagerness to align with a promoter, stating, "After 15 fights, I felt the time was right to partner with a promoter. Securing quality opponents has become progressively challenging. We weighed several options, and Jimmy emerged as the optimal choice. CES has a strong presence in Connecticut, my home state, and hosts numerous major events. It's an ideal match."

A 24-year-old native of the Dominican Republic, Paulino has been collaborating with CES Boxing since his ninth professional fight, solidifying his status as one of boxing's most coveted prospects.

Burchfield Sr. shared his enthusiasm for Paulino's long-term commitment, saying, "We are privileged that Alejandro and his team have chosen to establish a lasting partnership with CES. It's evident that numerous promoters were vying for his signature. He embodies an electrifying fighting style, combining boxing finesse with knockout power and adaptability to any scenario. These are precisely the qualities that captivate audiences and television networks alike. Drawing from my extensive 35-year involvement in this field, I am dedicated to utilizing my experience to support his journey towards becoming a world champion."

Dr. Roland Estrada, Alejandro's manager and trainer, is confident that CES will provide Paulino with the appropriate level of opposition to prepare him for a shot at a world title within the upcoming years. Dr. Estrada has a lengthy partnership with CES Boxing, stretching back two decades, during which he guided his son Jason to multiple amateur titles, the 2004 Olympics, and a successful professional record.

"Alejandro and I have a 20-year history of collaboration," explained Dr. Estrada, who also practices as an optometrist. "No promoter in New England compares to Jimmy's accomplishments. His track record speaks for itself. While we operated independently for a period, ascending to the next echelon necessitates aligning with a promoter capable of transforming a prospect into a contender and ultimately a world champion."

Dr. Estrada has been working with Paulino since the latter's days as an amateur at the 'Big 6 Boxing Academy' in Providence, Rhode Island. Despite the hour-plus commute from New London, Connecticut to Providence for training sessions several times a week, their partnership has thrived.

Dr. Estrada commented on Paulino's dedication, stating, "Alejandro not only possesses exceptional talent but also a remarkable work ethic. With an unblemished record of 15-0, I anticipate him contending for a US title within a year and challenging for a world title by 2025."

Having been a professional for three years, Paulino boasts a perfect 4-0 record in 2023, all by knockout. With this new promotional agreement in place, his team intends to raise the level of his opposition and anticipate at least one more fight before the year concludes.

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