ONE Fight Night 14 to Showcase Thrilling Lightweight Rematch: Folayang vs. Khan

Set against the renowned Singapore Indoor Stadium backdrop, the highly anticipated ONE Fight Night 14 is preparing to deliver a scintillating showdown that brings together two seasoned warriors, Eduard Folayang and Amir Khan.

Their paths converged for the first time in 2018, and now, nearly five years later, destiny has brought them back to the center stage for a rematch with fans buzzing with excitement. It's an opportunity for both men to etch their names anew in the annals of MMA lore.

Join us in the run-up to this spectacular event as we delve into the hearts and minds of these remarkable athletes, dissecting their past encounters, reliving their triumphs and tribulations, and witnessing their resurgence as they prepare to face each other once more.

Previous Encounter

In their showdown, Eduardo "The Landslide" Folayang was on a quest to reclaim his lost glory. At the same time, Singaporean knockout MMA artist Amir Khan aimed to make his mark as the new dominant force in the ONE Championship Lightweight division.

The bout was a high-stakes clash that would determine the division's future. Folayang, fueled by his desire to prove himself once more amidst the unfavorable MMA odds , stepped into the cage with a steely resolve, while Khan exuded confidence and determination.

The two warriors engaged in a strategic dance for five intense rounds, each vying for supremacy. Folayang's experience and well-rounded skills were displayed as he countered Khan's striking onslaught with calculated defense and timely takedowns.

Khan, in turn, exhibited his explosive striking arsenal, attempting to capitalize on any opening. The title's fate hung in the balance as the final bell rang. The judges' scorecards were collected, and the tension in the arena reached a crescendo.

When the verdict was announced, Eduardo Folayang emerged victorious, recapturing the ONE Championship Lightweight title unanimously. His seasoned prowess was the decisive factor against the formidable Amir Khan.

The Quest for Redemption

Eduard Folayang's path after capturing the ONE Championship Lightweight title was one of trials and tribulations. His journey took a pivotal turn at ONE Championship: Dawn of Heroes on August 2, 2019, when he faced the renowned Eddie Alvarez.

Unfortunately, Folayang experienced a setback, losing the fight in the first round via submission. Later that year, at ONE Championship: Masters of Fate on November 8, 2019, Folayang's quest for redemption gained traction. The fight was decided by a technical decision, with Folayang emerging victorious through a unanimous verdict.

Here are Folayang's succeeding fights:

● January 31, 2020, Folayang vs. Buist - a split decision loss

● October 30. 2020 Folayang vs. Caruso - unanimous decision loss

● March 26, 2022, Folayang vs. Parr - win through a unanimous decision

● December 3, 2022, Folayang vs. Marques - technical knockout loss in the second round

For Amir Khan, the pursuit of redemption bore a parallel narrative. Following his loss to Folayang in November 2018, Khan encountered further challenges, recording two losses in 2019, including his first knockout loss.

Khan's journey to redemption unfolded in stages. Victories over Ev Ting and Eto Kimihiro in November 2019 and February 2020, respectively, marked his return to the fold. A historic milestone was etched as he notched the most knockouts in ONE FC's history with nine KOs.

The Impending Rematch

This rematch is more than just another battle within the Circle. It symbolizes an opportunity to rewrite history, to reforge a legacy, and to etch a thrilling new chapter in the narrative of their respective careers.

For Folayang, this rematch holds profound significance. As he steps into the arena again, he carries the lessons and experiences garnered during his two-month vacation in the United States earlier in the year.

Guided by the expertise of esteemed coaches, including the seasoned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Gibran Langbayan and the veteran coach Don-Don Coals, Folayang's preparation for this momentous clash has culminated in diverse expertise and tireless effort.

Amir Khan returns to the spotlight after nearly a year-long hiatus from the cage. At 28, he reiterates his youthful determination and enthusiasm for the challenges ahead.

While Khan may not have been visible in the cage, his efforts have been idle. In a conscious effort to elevate his game, he's working to refine his grappling prowess. Khan focuses on honing his skills and fostering a well-rounded approach.

With the eyes of the martial arts world fixed upon their impending duel, the two most experienced athletes in the organization are poised to capture more than victory - they seek to capture the essence of redemption, honor, and glory.


Will it be Eduard "The Landslide" Folayang who claims the spotlight once again? Or will Amir Khan seize the opportunity to rewrite his narrative? As the countdown to September 29 commences, the Circle will witness a monumental battle where one fighter will ascend closer to their ultimate goal, etching their name in the annals of history as the victor in this thrilling match.

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