Canelo vs. Charlo Preview – The for Undisputed

Fans of boxing have a real treat to look forward to this September. Two of the most accomplished boxers of our time are going to be facing off in a match to remember, as Canelo takes on Charlo. In one corner, we have Canelo Alvarez, a Mexican boxer who has won multiple world championships in various different weight classes, from light middleweight to light heavyweight. In the other corner, Jermell Charlo, the undisputed light middleweight world champion, who has held the WBC title for the past four years.

Fighter Profiles

Both of the fighters are in excellent shape and have had quite an illustrious career. In this section, we are going to take a look at their past accomplishments and fighting styles and discuss each fighter individually. Starting with Mexico’s Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan, better known as Canelo.

Canelo Alvarez

Alvarez is quite an impressive specimen. The fighter has won several world championship titles in four different weight classes, including the light middleweight class which his opponent dominates. His style has been described as “methodical,” “tactical,” and “untraditional.” He has set himself apart from preceding Mexican boxers by becoming a ring tactician, likely due to his fight against Mayweather.

Alvarez’ greatest weapon is likely his powerful counterpunch, which he has displayed proudly in various matches. Over the years, Canelo has developed his counter-punching style, improved it where he needed to, and is now brining a powerful ace up his sleeve to the ring.

Jermell Charlo

On the other hand, we have Jermell Charlo, who is the undisputed light middleweight in the world, having held that title for the past four years. Charlo’s fighting style has been called balanced and powerful. Indeed, the road to undisputed is not easy, so a powerful style is absolutely necessary.

However, pouring too much into power can often lead to trouble. Luckily Charlo has balanced his power with a patient approach to combat. Often, the fans can see him creep into position to deliver a powerful Knock Out.

Both fighters are impressive, and boxing fans are certainly waiting with bated breath for the fight itself. Bettors are especially excited, as most sportsbooks are predicting a close fight. If you are a sports betting fan, take a look on DraftKings for the best odds, it’s generally regarded as one of the best apps for boxing betting, and more.

Fighter Records + Odds

As you can probably assume, both fighters have an impressive track record. Jermell Charlo has participated in 37 fights throughout his career. Out of the 37, he has only lost once. In his first fight against Tony Harrison, Jermell went for 12 rounds. Neither fighter went down, and the judges ultimately decided in favor of Harrison.

On the other hand, the younger Charlo brother has won 35 fights, with the latest victory being against Brian Castano. In the tenth round, he KO’d his opponent retaining his light middleweight titles. Despite his track record, Charlo is considered the underdog in this battle, as he was the one to move up a class. The decision has been criticized by notable boxers, who’ve called it illogical, or downright stupid.

Alvarez on the other hand is the definite favorite to win the fight. Certainly, the Mexican fighter has the experience advantage, having fought in 63 bouts. What is more impressive is that, out of the 63, he has only lost twice. His latest loss came on 7 May 2022, against Dmitry Bivol. The fight went all the way to the 12th round, and the judges called it in favor of the Russian boxer.

The boxer’s first loss happened in 2013, when he faced off against one of the best boxers of the generation, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Taking the loss in the final round, again by decision, helped Alvarez improve his style, and make up for his weaknesses.

Understandably, Alvarez is now the favorite to win the upcoming fight. His style seems tailor-made to face off against Jermell Charlo. On top of that, Charlo had to move up a weight class, making his lack of experience more evident. Still, the fight looks to be incredibly exciting, with fans of both fighters excited for the outcome.

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