Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Early Breakdown

Yes, it’s really happening; Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou are going to have a boxing match on October 28th 2023. Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou will be fighting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What Do We Know So Far?

Well we don’t actually know much yet.

Details like whether it’ll be an official bout or exhibition are still to be announced. It has also not been shared yet if Tyson Fury’s WBC title belt will be on the line.

What we do know is that it’ll be a boxing match and it’ll follow the regular boxing rules.

We can also predict that this will be one of the largest sports betting events of the year, with many sporting fans using matched betting and other betting strategies to improve their overall experience.

How Will Their Fighting Styles Compare?

Stylistically, this is a very intriguing fight. Fury is the consummate boxer, with excellent technical skills and defensive movements. The self-proclaimed "Gypsy King" uses his 6'9" frame and tricky footwork to outbox opponents. Ngannou on the other hand is a ferocious MMA striker with massive knockout power in his hands. Of his 17 UFC wins, 12 have come via KO/TKO.

However, Ngannou is still very raw as a boxer. While he has trained in some boxing over the years, he doesn't have the experience or nuanced skills that Fury does. Ngannou has a tendency to throw wild, looping punches that can leave him exposed. Fury is a master at counter punching, which could prove disastrous for the Cameroonian.

That said, all it takes is one clean shot from Ngannou to change a fight. He has frightening power, possibly the hardest hitter not just in MMA, but across combat sports. If he can corner Fury and land his powerful left hook, it could spell lights out. Fury will need to use his footwork and boxing IQ to avoid getting caught.

This unique match between an elite boxer and heavy-handed MMA fighter is truly a toss up. Fury is the comfortable favorite with his slick boxing style that tamed the likes of Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder. But Ngannou can never be counted out with his shocking KO power. The result may come down to who can execute their game plan most effectively.

One thing is for sure - if this dream match between two of the baddest men on the planet comes to fruition, it will be box office gold. Fireworks are all but guaranteed when Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou eventually meet in the ring.

Advantages Fury Holds Over Ngannou

Tyson Fury's slick movement and footwork could pose major problems for Ngannou. As a boxer, Fury is used to moving fluidly around the ring for 12 rounds, whereas Ngannou could tire from chasing him. Fury is also a master at using feints and head movement to set up counters. Ngannou's predictable MMA striking could leave openings for Fury to land crisp counters.

Fury's jab will also be a key weapon. He can use his long, prodding jab to disrupt Ngannou's rhythm and keep him at distance. Ngannou may lack the nuanced boxing skills to adapt to Fury's frequent jabbing.

Tyson Fury is used to competing in 36 minute, 12-round boxing matches. Francis Ngannou has never had to compete for that duration in an MMA fight, with title fights lasting a maximum of 25 minutes. If Ngannou starts to fatigue in the later rounds, Fury could pick him apart with combinations.

However, Ngannou has proven his scary one-punch KO power even in the fourth and fifth rounds of his MMA fights. He only needs to land one big shot on Fury to change the outlook of the fight, regardless of the round.

Advantages Ngannou Holds Over Fury

Francis Ngannou possesses a terrifying amount of raw one-punch KO power, especially in his left hook. He only needs to connect once with a clean shot to end the fight. Ngannou is an incredible athlete for his size, with explosive speed and movement, especially in short bursts. This athleticism could help him land punishing combinations on Fury that overwhelm him.

Ngannou is also physically gifted, with a muscular frame, 76" reach, and beastly strength. He has manhandled even the biggest heavyweights in MMA thanks to his physique.

Additionally, Ngannou's reputation as the hardest hitter in the UFC precedes him, which presents an intimidation factor that Fury will have to overcome mentally. Ngannou's UFC experience could help calm his nerves on the big stage.

This fight also represents a chance for Ngannou to excel in the new sport of boxing. If he won, it would be monumental for cementing his combat sports legacy. Ngannou may bring an intense motivation and hunger for boxing success against Fury.

While Fury is still favored, Ngannou's blend of athletic gifts, legendary punching power, and motivation to conquer boxing cannot be discounted. If he lands the right punch, Ngannou can turn the boxing world upside down against the talented Fury.

It’s early days, with very little being shared about the upcoming match. But it is certainly going to be a fight to watch as two titans clash in the ring.

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