According to Allen's Manager, Dennis Hobson, Disqualification of Frazer Clarke Should Have Occurred

Dave Allen's manager, Dennis Hobson, firmly believes that Frazer Clarke should have faced disqualification in their weekend bout against each other. The highly-anticipated fight between Allen and Clarke took place on Saturday, September 2, at the Manchester Arena, as part of the undercard for the Chris Eubank Jr vs. Liam Smith rematch.

Allen, the pro 'veteran,' received a warm reception from the crowd, solidifying his status as a fan favorite. In contrast, Clarke, the undefeated former amateur star, faced a chorus of boos, suggesting that he had yet to win over the boxing public with his previous performances.

The fight itself turned out to be scrappy, marked by a fair share of grappling and clinching. Despite this, both fighters managed to land some clean punches, with Dave Allen notably delivering an overhand right and Clarke showcasing accurate jabs.

However, the bout will be most remembered for the controversial low blows repeatedly delivered by 'Big Fraze.' In the sixth round, Clarke was docked two points and was on the verge of disqualification for these infractions. Ultimately, 'The White Rhino' was retired by his corner due to a reported perforated eardrum just before the start of the seventh round.

After the fight, with tensions still high, Clarke, who now holds a record of 8-0 with six knockouts, refused to consider the possibility of a rematch, despite the unsatisfactory ending to the contest.

As the dust begins to settle, Hobson, who witnessed the bout from ringside, asserts that Dave Allen, known as 'The Doncaster De La Hoya' with a record of 21-6-2 (18), demonstrated that he can still compete at the domestic level. In contrast, he views Frazer Clarke as a work-in-progress in the professional ranks.

Hobson stated, "I think Dave proved that he still has plenty left, considering he hasn't been consistently active, although we've had him on a few shows over the past couple of years. He showed that he can still be a contender in the heavyweight division, and he exposed Frazer's limitations at this stage."

Regarding the fight's controversial moments, Hobson emphasized, "He [Frazer] was dirty. I'm not saying Dave was entirely clean, but he wasn't hitting him low or behind the head. The referee warned Frazer, 'one more and you're out,' but he hit low a couple more times after that and should have been disqualified."

Despite the bout not being a classic, Hobson believed Dave Allen was starting to control it. However, the repeated low blows took their toll on Allen. Hobson plans to file a complaint with the Boxing Board regarding the referee's handling of the situation.

Hobson concluded by expressing his support for both fighters, saying, "I do wish Frazer well, and I've always liked him. At the end of the day, Dave wanted to test himself against someone who was supposed to be top class, and, honestly, he nullified him. So, he can definitely still compete with some of the other high-quality boxers out there." Hobson also hinted at more big nights in Dave Allen's future.

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