Amanda Serrano vs Danila Ramos Betting Odds And Predictions

With weeks to the much-anticipated fight between Amanda Serrano and Danila Ramos, punters are unsure where to place their wagers. Already, bookies have lined up competitive odds, which keep changing with the ever-shifting public perception. And for punters, wagering is as easy as clicking on a Bet365 link and watching the fight. However, deciding on a bookie is much easier than deciding who to support. We look at the current stats and how you can approach the fight:

Serrano vs. Ramos

On October 27, all eyes will be on Serrano, who will have laid her featherweight champion status on the line as she takes on Ramos. The fight has already attracted a lot of attention as it will feature 12 3-minute rounds. Anyone who has kept an eye on women's championship fights knows that ten rounds of two minutes is the standard. But the fighters are out to break this record.

Serrano's move has left many of her fans wondering if she can defend this title. After all, many undisputed champions have taken a similar path only to end up surprised with the results. However, Serrano's motivations are much deeper than this. In her interview leading to the fight, she explained that women had come a long way in the boxing world. For decades, they had struggled with lower pay and little respect for all their hard work. For her, this match with Ramos is a way to show the world that women's boxing is as dynamic as men's championships. The fight will represent all women who have had a similar fight regardless of their industry.

The Stats

Ramos is not new to the boxing world and is the ideal person to take on Serrano. She is 12-2 and boasts only one knockout in her career. At 38, that is an impressive record - no wonder the WBO championed her to take on Serrano for the featherweight crown! The boxer won the WBO Interim World featherweight championship by beating Brenda Carbajal, who had held the belt since 2022.

However, these stats have not wavered Serrano's self-belief. She is 45-2-1 with 30 stoppages and has been on a winning streak. Moreover, she boasts incredible strength and is known for her unique punching power. Per her track record, no other boxer has achieved her success levels in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

The Expectations

Serrano and Ramos are incredible boxers who have often been termed trailblazers in the industry. But as many have predicted, this fight will not be like any other. After all, the boxers have the following on the line:

A. The featherweight world champion title: Both fighters will have their eye on this title. Serrano will be working hard to remain the undisputed champion, while Ramos will be trying to add to her WBA featherweight champion. When such a title is up for grabs, predicting the winner is often hard as the motivation is at a peak on all ends.

B. Women’s rights: For many years, women’s boxing matches have not attracted as much traction as men’s. Much of this owes to the current standards. Men's fights equal a maximum of twelve rounds at 3 minutes each, while women's fights often feature lower rounds and timings. The last time a women's boxing match equalled the men's stats was in 2007. Serrano, who is an avid campaigner for equal boxing rights, wants to prove that women can fight at the same level as men. Ramos will join her on this mission as the two pave the way for better working conditions for female boxers.

This fight has already changed the perspectives of many fans. Instead of looking at it as just another fight, many are already anticipating what will be a historical turning point in women’s history.

Who Should You Back?

The odds of the fight are so competitive that any punter who gets the right prediction will laugh all the way to the bank. But, as stated earlier, this match will be about more than just the belt as the motivations run deep. Here is how you can determine who should get your wager:

A. Research the fighters: You always want to know the state of the fighters before a big fight. Has anything changed? Have they suffered any injuries? Are there any changes to their management? Such factors often affect the overall outcome and can help you figure out the likely winner.

B. Don’t bank on odds: People often think that odds are a good predictor of the winner. But odds follow public perception and also include the bookie’s commission. So, while odds may show that Ramos or Serrano have the upper hand, do not back a wager with just this information. Do your research.

C. Manage your bankroll: Such fights often result in emotional investment, which can have you spending what you cannot afford. Start by budgeting and determine what you can spend on the wager. Since this is a highly contested title, things can go either way, and you should only bet what you can afford to lose.

No matter who wins, most of the focus will be on whether the fighters can improve women’s rights by equalling a standard men’s fight in terms of rounds and timing.

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