UFC Fight Highlights: Rob Font vs. Deiveson Figueredo

At UFC Austin, Deiveson Figueiredo defeated perennial contender and Boston, Massachusetts representative Rob Font while looking better than ever at bantamweight, which he now calls home. The former flyweight champion pushed Font off balance throughout the fight with a commanding display demonstrating he was in good health, robust, and prepared to fight aggressively for all three rounds. Figueiredo displayed outstanding boxing throughout, including a devastating body blow in the final round that severely injured Font. Figueiredo ultimately prevailed unanimously, as all three judges awarded him a 30-27 score in his favor.

Font Put Up a Fight

In the early exchanges, Font displayed precise striking after landing smooth jabs, while Figueiredo appeared apprehensive about making a move against a marginally larger and taller bantamweight.

The early display demonstrated why the leading sportsbooks placed Font as a -125 betting favorite and why many bettors utilized their ESPN BET Massachusetts promo code in conjunction with a wager on the local fighting hero.

Unfortunately, Font’s early promise soon deteriorated for supporters and bettors alike.

Although Figueiredo initially attempted to take Font down, it wasn't until late in the opening round that he demonstrated his prowess when he tagged Font with piercing punches that elicited a boisterous response from the Austin audience.

Font maintained his pursuit into the second round, but Figueiredo was in the lead, demonstrating perseverance and responding with formidable counterstrikes. As the clock wound down, Figueiredo delivered a vicious combination that jolted Font in the back with arguably the fight's finest blows to date.

Analysis of Each Round

Slowly, Font applied pressure to Figueiredo to the cage as he oscillated laterally in the first round. With his powerful strikes, Font drove the action and easily thwarted most takedown attempts. Font was enjoying the round when Figueiredo landed a large left uppercut that captured his attention. That was followed by a right-handed strike that Font was injured by, and finished the round on the back foot.

Figueiredo dominated the early phases of the second round with an effective grapple opening the bout. Font pursued Figueiredo throughout the second round, but to little avail, as Figgy delivered counterpunches. Another strong round concluded with Figueiredo stalking Font down to the finish.

The Final Five Minutes

The final round begins with Figueiredo delivering a powerful strike. He attempts a takedown immediately, but Font defends. A blow from Font is delivered. Right palms are exchanged in the center by both males. They hold on for the remaining four minutes before breaking away. A thrust from Figueiredo and a Font right hand.

Massive uppercut to the body by Font, followed by an upward strike. One jab from Font, followed by another from Font. Figueiredo humiliates Font with an enormous uppercut. Figueiredo is pursuing the finish with all of his strength. Font survives, and presently, he forms his own massive configurations.

With Figueiredo waving him on, the final round was halfway complete. A decisive takedown by Figueiredo could make this the bout. Full mount position gained from Figueiredo; Font is making every effort to ascend, but to no avail. With one minute remaining, the former UFC champion will secure the victory.

Significant elbows from Figueiredo. Font is not even attempting to ascend. Complete and total dominance from the very top by Figueiredo. That concluded the fight, according to a statement made by Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC Austin.

What’s Next

Figueiredo's jump to bantamweight rankings immediately introduces a fresh contender to arguably the most competitive division in the UFC. Figueiredo's first-day victory over Font at 135 pounds will make him a formidable opponent for any of the top ten contenders in the world at this time.

For Font, it isn’t the end of the road, nor does a defeat to such a high-profile, former champion bear any shame on his career. In fact, Font’s only UFC losses (Sandhagen, Vera, Aldo, Assuncao, and now Figueiredo) have come against former champions or title contenders.

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