Devin Haney Requests Overturn of Loss to Ryan Garcia Following Failed Doping Test

In a formal letter to the New York State Athletic Commission, boxer Devin Haney has requested that his recent loss to Ryan Garcia be overturned to a disqualification win. This comes after Garcia's failed doping test, as reported by ESPN.

Failed Doping Test Details

Garcia's A-sample tested positive for the anabolic agent ostarine both the day before and the night of his majority-decision win over Haney in Brooklyn. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) conducted the tests, and Garcia's B-sample is scheduled for examination on May 22. Additionally, it has been reported that Garcia, 25, used IVs in the lead-up to the bout, which is prohibited under World Anti-Doping Agency and VADA guidelines.

Haney's Request for Disqualification Win

Haney argues that Garcia fought with unfair advantages due to the failed drug test, coming in over the contracted weight limit, and allegedly using IVs without a therapeutic-use exemption. In his letter, Haney urges the New York State Athletic Commission to overturn the official result to a disqualification win in his favor.

Garcia's Response

While Garcia has denied the doping allegations, he admitted to coming in overweight as a strategy, a tactic Haney agreed to overlook in exchange for monetary compensation at the time.

Implications for the Boxing World

If Haney's request is granted, it could set a precedent for how doping violations and weight issues are handled in professional boxing. The outcome of Garcia's B-sample test and the decision by the New York State Athletic Commission will be closely watched by the boxing community.

Stay Updated

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story and the results of Garcia's B-sample test on May 22. For more details and ongoing coverage, follow the latest reports on ESPN and other sports news outlets.

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