Blair Cobbs Defeats Adrien Broner by UD

Blair “The Flair” Cobbs achieved a significant milestone in his boxing career by defeating Adrien Broner in a 10-round unanimous decision in Florida tonight. Cobbs impressed the judges, who scored the bout 96-93, 96-93, and 97-91 in his favor. Despite knocking Broner down in the second round, Cobbs was unable to finish the fight early, but he maintained control throughout.

Adrien Broner, now 34 with a record of 35-5-1 (24 KOs), delivered a lackluster performance, continuing a troubling trend in his recent fights. Broner appeared sluggish, lacking the power and precision that once defined his career. His punches lacked impact, and his timing as a counter-puncher seemed completely off. Overall, Broner’s demeanor suggested he was disinterested and disengaged.

In contrast, Cobbs, now 17-1-1 with 10 KOs, showcased his desire to compete. While his performance revealed some flaws and he faded in the latter rounds, his consistent effort and willingness to throw punches set him apart. Though he has yet to prove himself as a serious welterweight contender, this victory over Broner, a former top draw in the sport, marks a notable achievement in Cobbs’ career.

Reflecting on the bout, Cobbs said, “He has a tough chin. Look at his neck, his neck is huge. He survived a lot of big blows after getting knocked down.”

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