Ryan Garcia Has Announced His Retirement!

Ryan Garcia has officially announced his retirement from boxing via social media, following reports from New York that he faces a suspension for two failed drug tests. These tests overshadowed his April 20 victory over Devin Haney. The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) has indicated that Garcia’s 12-round points win may be altered to a no contest or awarded as a disqualification victory to Haney, marking a significant stance in the fight against performance-enhancing drugs in boxing.

Garcia’s recent social media posts reflect a chaotic and troubled state of mind.

In one post, he lamented, "Mom has cancer... I'm being sued... My supplements were tainted... Going thru a divorce... Devin asking for my victory to be taken away... I'm getting hit with everything."

This was followed by a series of erratic messages:

  • "Boxing will be alright without me... But sucks I was fun in the game... And it was fun to punch people."
  • "Forget I existed everyone... I'm outty."

Garcia’s posts continued in a similar vein, expressing his frustration with the sport and his current situation:

  • "Y'all may catch me out and about but as far as boxing I don't know... There is so much corruption I'm over it... I may do acting or singing... I'll still be training but I'm hurt and I'm done with it and everyone... The sad part is I'm a great boxer... And I entertain and knock people out... I'm sad bc I love boxing... Praying for everyone and I hope everyone has a great life."

His final statement on Wednesday night read, "I'm officially retired."

Bill Haney, Devin Haney’s father and trainer, quickly responded to Garcia’s announcement, expressing little surprise.

"This doesn't surprise me that Ryan Garcia is talking about retiring and not standing up for his fate in 48 hours," Haney commented. "Everybody's been protecting him. We know these channels; you seem to celebrate guys on drugs in the ring. But you're running out of time."

Haney warned of impending consequences for those who have supported Garcia, adding, "In 48 hours your boy, Ryan Garcia, will be suspended and you networks, promoters, and everybody that's been trying to protect him, you're going to go down with the ship. Mark my words."

In other news, Top Rank was the sole promoter to bid for Devin Haney's mandated WBC junior-welterweight title defense against Sandor Martin, with an offer just under $2.5 million. Bob Arum, however, suggested on Wednesday that he is open to arranging a fight between Haney and WBO titlist Teofimo Lopez instead, should Haney prefer that matchup.

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