Fightnights Pound for Pound Rankings

1.      Floyd Mayweather (43-0, 26 KO’s)


To say that anyone else deserves this spot over Floyd Mayweather is just plain nonsense. Anyone that thinks otherwise should not be allowed to talk about boxing. The man has not only won every fight he’s been in, he’s completely dominated most of them. His perfection of the art of boxing goes uncontested. Whether or not Floyd will finish his career undefeated remains to be seen. I don’t care who he has or hasn’t dodged. The pound for pound king has been number one in our books since I can remember, and will stay that way until someone can prove otherwise.


2.      Andre Ward  (26-0 14 KO’s)


If it weren’t for Mayweather, Ward would easily be in the top spot. His dominance in the Super Six was unforeseen and nothing short of amazing. Then after a grueling tournament against top world class fighters Mikkell Kessler and Carl Froch, he goes on to fight light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson and completely dominates him. And no, Ward moving up to 175 would have made no difference in the outcome of that fight. Ward is talented, and exciting to watch. The problem? He may be a victim of his own success. There is no one left for him to fight.  


3.      Nonito Donaire (31-1, 20 KO’s)


What can I say. Donaire has been the top guy for awhile and continues to impress with each performance. He fought four times last year, a rare case for someone so high up in the P4P rankings on almost every media outlet. I’m expecting to see him fight at least three times this year. I do think that we will get to see Donaire-Mares sometime in 2013. His next fight might be against highly regarded Guerillmo Rigondeaux. We like it!


4.      Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6, 40 KO’s)


His knockout over Manny Pacquiao will forever go down in history as one of the greatest ever. I’m glad he’s deciding to stick around for a few more fights. Juan has a very long resume of top fighters that he’s fought in every weight class. He’s still a word class fighter that will bang with the best of him. Lucky for him, he’s in a stacked weight class with a lot of options.


5.      Sergio Martinez (50-2, 28 KO’s)


His list of accomplishments isn’t as stacked as I would like to be ranked 5, but no one will fight the guy. Anyone that does, realizes why no one wants to fight him. It’s not his fault. Let’s see how that injury effects his movement in the ring. A torn acl is the worst injury for an athlete to come back from, and that’s even worse for a 37 year old man. Not interested in a Chavez Jr. rematch but would love to see him face Canelo, Cotto, or Golovkin still.


6.      Wladimir Klitchsko

7.      Manny Pacquiao

8.      Carl Froch

9.      Vitali Klitchsko

10.    Abner Mares

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