Fridays' Low Blows: The Corrupt Judge

It’s Friday! You know what the means. Low Blow Friday! That’s right. The Corrupt Judge’s column is here. Each and every Friday, The Corrupt Judge will hit all the boxing issues of the week, and not in the normal fashion you are used to seeing. Jokes are his game plan. Don’t take personal offense to what he says, because after all, he’s corrupt. Eventually we’ll give you a background of how he came to be, but for now, enjoy the show! If you come across a Friday where you don’t see his column in the news section that means he took the day off to booze, watch a few fights, and maybe even start some. Here we go!


Ricardo Mayorga: Rumor has it my boy Mayorga is testing the MMA waters. There are a few contract issues. Apparently Mayorga is demanding Dana White stack his locker room with thirty packs of beer, and also wants to be allowed cigarette breaks in between rounds. My advice to White, pay the man! He may not last ten seconds in the Octagon, but the prefight antics will all be worth it!


Mayweather-Alexander: I don’t know what everyone is so mad about. I’d expect this to live up to the hype that Pacquiao-Marquez did, it’s definitely going to end in a sleeper. By the time round six rolls around, all the fans will be out cold.


Tim Bradley: Bradley stated at the press conference “I already beat Roach’s top guy.” Bahahahahahahahahahah (pause) ahahahhahahahahahahaha. At least he was good for a laugh. I love Timmy though. Glad to see him back.


Juan Manuel Marquez: Marquez went on the record saying he wasn’t interested in another fight with Pacquiao. I expect the negotiations to go something like this.

Arum-“Marquez, we want you to fight Pacman again?”

Marquez-“No, I’m not really interested.”

Arum-“Here’s 20 million dollars.”

Marquez-“Where do I sign.”


Danny Swift: Dang Danny boy, your spot got blown up. It’s all good. We don’t care that you have been out drinking and partying. I mean your hurt, what else you going to do? But the girlfriend, watch out bro. You can fight the top fighters in the world with no problem, but when it comes to battling a crazy ex girl or girlfriend, you’ll lose that fight nine times out of ten brother. Ask Mayweather.


Rigondeaux: Sigh, Riggy Riggy Riggy. I don’t even know what to say. He’s being offered 750K to fight Donaire but wants his legal issues settled with his old promotional company first. I hear it’s because that 750K is going to be split up pretty good. I got news for you Riggy, you’re 11-0 and being offered to fight one of the pound for pound greatest boxers of this era. Take the fight! And do us a favor. Whoever is advising you to hold out on this contract, fire them. I don’t care if you end up with 100k, if you beat Donaire, there’s plenty more where that came from!!!!


Freddie: My man Roach said it wasn’t his fault Khan got hit with a left hook. Lol. That’s all.


Well that’s it for this week. Until next week folks. Enjoy watching the fights this weekend, and stay tuned for next week’s Low Blow Friday! 

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