Why Mayweather vs Guerrero makes sense

          As we await pound for pound champion Floyd Mayweather’s announcement on who his opponent will be on May 4th, most of us can only sit around and speculate who is in the running to face Mayweather. And the brutal truth is, there aren’t that many people out there. Sure, the division is stacked with fighters, just not any that are believed to even come close to giving Mayweather a fight. Besides, most of them are unavailable right now. Robert Guerrero may not be the fight that everyone wants, but at this point it’s the fight that poses the biggest threat to Floyd. Hard to think about huh?

          Let’s briefly run through the list of worth contenders. At the 154lb division we have Canelo and Sergio Martinez that spark the most interest. Scratch them both. Canelo is already slated to co-feature the May 4th card and Martinez is fighting on April 27th. 

          At 147 the biggest names are Andre Berto,  Devon Alexander, Kell Brook, Marcos Maidana, Tim Bradley, Robert Guerrero, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Manny Pacquiao. Berto, there is no way the public would embrace picking him over Guerrero considering Guerrero just beat him. Alexander, well we all know that Floyd said he was the front runner but countering reports by Golden Boy have most likely proved that to be false. Brook is contracted to fight Alexander so he’s out. Maidana isn’t a big enough draw. Bradley is fighting on March 16th, and promoted by Top Rank. Juan Manuel Marquez already fought Mayweather, and was beaten badly enough for no one in their right mind to desire a rematch. Pacquiao, well we all know how that goes.

          If we were to go to 140, the best options include Amir Khan, Lucas Matthysse, and Danny Garcia. Consider Garcia out, he’s injured and already contracted to fight Zab Judah in May. Matthysse, while I believe would be exciting, isn’t a big enough draw. If Khan hadn’t lost to Garcia I truly believe it would be him facing Floyd on May 4th. Unfortunately he took a few steps back, losing the interest of the fans that wanted to see him face Mayweather.

          So, the truth is, Robert Guerrero is the best option. He may not be the biggest threat to beating Floyd but it’s the fight that makes most sense right now other than a fight against Canelo. Supposedly this event is leading to a bigger event that will feature Floyd Mayweather vs Saul Alvarez, which is why they are not fighting on May 4th. Let’s hope that’s true, and that on May 4th nothing crazy happens to derail that from happening. For now, we will most likely get Robert Guerrero. A fight that will surely have 24/7’s ratings high considering Guerrero is never one to back down from prefight smack talk. It’s the best option right now, and frankly, I believe people will be surprised at Guerrero’s ability to make the fight exciting.  

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