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            In The Corner is a quick boxing news section that touches on my thoughts of what’s going on in boxing at the moment. I try to hit the topics that everyone is talking about, and express my opinion of what I think should happen, what I would like to see, or how I feel about something. So here we go:


            Amir Khan is scheduled to return on April 20th in the UK according to various reports. Khan doesn’t have a scheduled opponent yet although Vyacheslav Senchenko has been mentioned. Senchenko can hit but is relatively slow. I actually believe this is a great fight for Khan. He can use his speed and angles to easily win the fight, while trying to use defense to avoid power shots from the hard hitting Ukrainian. The problem, as in all of Khan’s losses, is that one hit from Senchenko could end the night early for Khan. Khan has the boxing skills to be great, he just needs to learn defense.


            Miguel Cotto may be opting out for a new trainer. He stated he’s not sure if he wants to continue with Pedro Diaz. I don’t like the move. Pedro Diaz has made Cotto better. They had the perfect gameplan against Mayweather and fell short cause of Cotto’s stamina to continue to batter Floyd on the ropes. The Austin Trout fight was a bad match up for Cotto. That’s not Diaz’s fault either. Jumping trainers is never a great idea. Stick with Diaz for now Cotto.


            The Mayweather-Alexander fight has gotten tons of negative comments from the general public. A lot of people are saying they won’t even order it unless Canelo is on the undercard. I can’t argue with them there. I don’t think Guerrero has proved any more than Alexander has to deserve the fight though. I just think Alexander and Floyd come in with the same counter-punching game plan. Put that together, and we have a really boring fight that will draw negative reviews. Guerrero will put the pressure on Floyd making it somewhat interesting.


            Golden Boy and Top Rank continue to battle each other as the latest fight to fall through has upset the boxing fans once again. This time it was a possible showdown between Abner Mares and Nonito Donaire that took the plunge. I don’t care who’s at fault, something needs to be done. The fans are losing out on great fights because of this nonsense.


            Speaking of Donaire, the contract is signed to fight Guillermo Rigondeaux. I love this fight. Rigondeaux is young in the professional game but I don’t mind seeing fights like this so early in a prospects career. Getting these young upcoming guys into the ring with the top fighters early might not be a bad idea. I think it’s a way to maybe increase boxing fans, and stage a few upsets along the way. I like it.


            I got the chance to watch two prospects over the weekend. Kevin Bizier and Carl Frampton. I don’t say this about prospects a lot but I liked both of these guys. They both bring aggressive styles and are fun to watch. Frampton is in a good weight class, and like Rigondeaux , relatively new as a professional. If Rigondeaux can fight Donaire now, I believe Frampton could get in with Mares. Why not?


            Nobody had a worse year than Freddie Roach last year. His fighters are starting to line up fights for 2013. Let’s hope the legendary trainer can get some good wins under his belt again. 


            Well, that’s it. Feel free to tweet me anything you wish to debate on these topics. I love to talk boxing. Remember, these are my opinions. It doesn’t mean I’m right, even though I think I am. 

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