Klitchsko vs Jennings next?

          Various reports have now said that Wladimir Klitchsko (59-3, 50 KO's) could be defending the heavyweight championship against American prospect Bryant Jennings (16-0. 8 KO's). Klitchsko has been having a hard time landing a formidable foe for his planned April return, and may even be pushing his return back a few weeks because of this situation.

          Jennings has apparently taken the front-runner position to face Kiltchsko, based on whether or not an American network, HBO or Showtime, will pick up the fight. Jennings may not have tons of fights, but the Klitchsko's are running out of opponents. A fight against Jennings shown on a American network might bring some excitement to the division in the United States. Jennings fought five times last year and was shown a few times on NBC sports, which has helped his popularity grow. 


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