Broner Defeats Rees By TKO In 5

          Max Kellerman couldn't stress enough that Gavin Rees was a 80-1 underdog as Broner vs Rees was ready to start. It only took one round to wipe away those odds in the eyes of the public, and make it feel as though Adrien Broner could be in for a long night. Gavin Rees came out guns blazing, moving his head, and giving Broner all he could handle for the first two rounds of their scheduled twelve round bout. For two rounds, Rees looked nothing like the opponent that everyone thought he was going to be. In fact, he actually won the first two rounds on HBO analyst Harry Lederman's scorecard.

          But then, Adrien Broner woke up. Rees may have confused Broner for a little bit however it would be Broner's intelligence that would turn the tides of the fight, along with natural boxing talent. Broner began with the lead right hand that seemed to land at will against the tough Rees. Then came the uppercuts, and then the combinations. Rees tried to fight back but seemed to be overwhelmed as Broner put together combinations that Rees couldn't get away from. After knocking down Rees in the third round with a uppercut, and then again in the fifth with a hook to the body, Rees corner couldn't bare to see anymore. 


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