Marquez, Pacquiao opponents to be decided by Monday

Bob Arum expects to have a decision by Sunday as to who both of his star fighters will be facing off against come fall. While Arum has repeatedly tried to land a Pacquiao-Marquez V fight, Marquez has countered by continuing to reject the fight. Marquez has stated that he wants to face Tim Bradley however Arum is on record saying if Marquez-Pacquiao V doesn't happen, then Pacquiao vs Bradley II will, which leaves Marquez out of the equation and possibly squaring off against Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado. It's hard to tell what's going to happen, however an educated guess would make one believe that Marquez is not going to fight Pacquiao again, at least right now. So we are likely to see Pacquiao vs Bradley II, and Marquez up against Rios, Alvarado or maybe even someone else. No matter how the fights are mix-matched, they are all intriguing match-ups that should leave the fans satisfied.

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