What's next for Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder has been making noise in the heavyweight division for the past year. He's built up an amazing record of 29-0 with 29 KO's. Yes, every single one of his fights has been a knockout. So why isn't he being praised as the next Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield? Opposition. His opponents seemed to have been carefully picked throughout his career to help him get to this record. Therefore, the people do not recognize him as accomplishing something great. At least not yet.

The United States is a country that has lost interest in the heavyweight division of boxing because they claim there are no good heavyweights. Well, at 6'7, 220lbs, Wilder is one of the best the US has, and no one would recognize him if they were to walk right by him in a grocery store. How does that get changed? Again, opposition. He needs to fight better opponents and he's ready to do it.

Golden Boy CEO Richard Shaefer sounds like he's ready to take the next step. He's tried to make the Tyson Fury fight with no success. He passed on journeyman Dereck Chisora, who would likely be another easy KO for Wilder, and has mentioned David Price, Tony Thompson, Seth Mitchell, and Jonathon Banks as possible opponents for Wilder. These opponents would be a huge step forward from Audley Harrison, and maybe start generating some buzz around Wilder in the US, if he were to beat some of those guys. A name that wasn't mentioned was Bryant Jennings, and maybe rightfully so. They are both two of the hottest heavyweights coming up in the sport in the U.S, and making them face each other would only minimize the United States chances of getting a popular heavyweight again. 

Whatever is next for Wilder, it should be promoted big. His face needs to be seen more. His attitude, his personality. The people need to start knowing who this guy is and liking him. He's at the point where Wladimir Klitchsko is perhaps one or two fights away, and the United States should know about him before he steps into the ring with him.

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