Soto Karass stuns Andre Berto

It was supposed to be the road to redemption for former welterweight champion Andre Berto. However, for a man that has had a career filled with misfortune, it was just another set back and maybe even the end. Jesus Soto-Karass defeated Andre Berto by 12th round KO Saturday night in San Antonio, TX. Berto came out looking sharp but still took some big shots early in the fight. He seemed to be having trouble with Karass from the start but it would be a shoulder injury in the fourth that would once again put Berto into a fight where he was fighting just to survive instead of fighting to win. Berto was unable to throw his right hand for some of the middle rounds as Karass used continues body punching and punch output to hurt Berto. Berto had his moments with just using the left hand to give Karass problems but it wasn't enough. Berto fell to 28-3. 22 KO's. Karass added a victory to improve to 28-8, 18 KO's.

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