Twitter predicts "The One" undercard

FightNights took to Twitter last week to get some predictions for “The One” card on September 14th that will feature two mega fights, Floyd Mayweather vs Saul Alvarez and Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse. Twitter has been a huge promotional tool used by fighter’s, manager’s, promoters, and more importantly the fans to help propel the sport. Here’s what the boxing fans on Twitter had to say about who is going to win on September 14th.


Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse Predictions:


@Myau1: Lucas swings wildy with looping punches. Danny with his speed will make Lucas miss and counter, stopping him in around 5.


@PTJoshM: Fancy Matthysse by TKO. Garcia will give a good show for a few rounds before power takes over.


@Knuchy2: Matthysse will KO Garcia inside five rounds. Lucas reminds me of Marvin Hagler in a smaller frame. Relentless pressure, superior power.


@D_Jones_23: Garcia wins. I think Matthysse will believe the hype about having heavy hands and will run out of steam in the later rounds.


@marco_siswanto: Lucas Matthysse 4-8 rd KO or TKO. Matthysse’s power will break Garcia ordinary defense.


@MrShrewd: I believe Garcia will start the better. Danny will box and I believe he will try this. However, I feel he’ll get tagged at some point.


@andym_93: Garcia by UD. He has shown the ability to adjust and fight smart consistently he never punches himself out and takes a good shot.


@JordanDavs09: Matthysse by raw power that Garcia will be able to withhold for a few rounds but will not be able to take it for too long. Only one way for me.


@Dub_MD: Lucas by TKO by staying disciplined, judging distance, working angles and the power shots finally taking toll late.


@MetsFanAlex: Garcia wins because he’s not relying on one punch. He doesn’t have one great skill but he has all good skills thus making him great.




The Mayweather vs Canelo predictions will be up later this week. Stay tuned….

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