Twitter fans predict Mayweather-Canelo winner

Earlier this week, we took to the Twitter fans to predict the winner of the Co-Main Event between Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse. Now, here’s what the Twitter fans had to say about who wins between Floyd Mayweather and Saul Canelo Alvarez:


@Joecbrooke: Canelo younger, bigger, stronger and quicker than Mayweather and everyone else thinks.


@WreckzPresto: Canelo by KO, rounds 6-10, body work, timing and smart decisions, that Mexican liver shot gonna fold Floyd in half and set up the KO


@MANSOOR3351: Mayweather but in a close fight. May see the first knockdown of Floyd


@calanrutherford: Canelo by a shocker knockout somewhere between round 6-8. Mayweather will be evasive, crafty, and dominate until Canelo comes over the top.


@twash_bag: Floyd wins because Canelo will fight just like Cotto. Fade late. Mayweather will connect at %60 or better with power punches. Easy fight


@Dom_Ryan: draw written all over it. Mayweather keeps his 0 and they make some serious money for a rematch


@MrShrewd: Mayweather wins. A performance which epitomizes what boxing is all about, hit and not get hit will be put forth, Too sharp


@alfraydope_: Canelo wins by late TKO, Mayweather won’t be able to take his power.


@rspahn4: Floyd continues penchant to land at %50 connect rate, highlighted by the lead right. Canelo busy, ineffective, losing by wide margin UD


@ThePoetG: Canelo by controversial split decision. It’s all business.


@Espinoza037: Canelo punches his arms, shoulders, and the crowd screams for every moment. The judges arwade to believe it’s a pounding. Canelo SD


@KOnews_net: Mayweather by UD in a hard fought battle over a talented but outgunned Canelo.


@VICLEGEND: Floyd wins a UD clean shots a discouraged Canelo doesn’t land a bigshot early and gets winded trying to pressure Floyd in later rounds.


@Andym_93: Mayweather win TKO round 11 or a lopsided UD by systematically breaking him down. Canelo ran out of gas midfight vs Trout imagine vs Floyd.


@Wisty_MW: Mayweather by UD. Canelo give him problems early on. Floyd takes control in the second half of fight. Canlo not active enough. 116-112.


@MusahsiDesigns: Canelo grinds out a late round knockout. Floyd’s age finally starts to show and he can’t hurt the big red machine enough. 

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