Chavez Jr vs Vera weight still undecided

In an odd turn of events, the contracted weight limit of 168 pounds between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Brian Vera's bout this Saturday night at the StubHub Arena in Carson, CA has a possibility of changing four days before the fight. Earlier today Bob Arum said that tomorrow they would decide if Chavez Jr would be able to make the weight of 168 pounds or if they would be forced to up it  o 173. While the details of the contract are unknown, if Chavez Jr were to move up the weight of the fight 5 pounds it is very likely that they would have to pay a fine to Brian Vera. Chavez Jr has received tons of scrutiny in the past for not taking the sport of boxing seriously and it's luckily this will add to that negative outlook on him. The fight was already postponed, and moved up from 160 to 168. Vera's camp is furious about a Wednesday weigh-in, and reported to that they signed a contract for 168 and that they will not agree to any other terms unless a big check is brought to the table. 

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