Marcos Maidana to Mayweather "Maybe you're next in the family"

Newly crowned WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana is wasting no time trying to get to Floyd Mayweather after his shocking win over Adrien Broner a few weeks ago. Mayweather has said that Maidana's victory over Broner may get him a shot at the pound for pound King. Maidana had some words for Mayweather regarding his victory over his "little brother" Adrien Broner.

"Hey champ! Your lil bro wasn't good enough for this "biscuit" so who knows, maybe you're the next in the family." Maidana tweeted at Floyd Mayweather. 

After his win against Broner, Mayweather told that Maidana was in the mix for a possible showdown against him. Floyd has been silent regarding his May 3rd opponent, however many have speculated that it will be against Amir Khan, a fight that many boxing fans have frowned upon. Most feel Khan doesn't deserve the shot, and that Maidana's win over Broner is more deserving of it than Khan's recent outings. 

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