Rios to Gamboa "I'll fight you at 140"

Brandon Rios was the latest to join the twitter frenzy involving Yuriorkis Gamboa. Gamboa spent most of last week going at it with Mikey Garcia on twitter. This week he mentioned Rios in a tweet, and Rios was quick to respond.  

"I'll fight you at 140 but we both know your b**ch a** don't want to so stfu." Rios said attacking Gamboa on Twitter earlier today. The tweet was in response to one sent out by Gamboa who claimed that he could beat Rios with one hand tied behind his back. While Gamboa's tweet didn't tag Rios in it, Rios was quick to respond to Gamboa.

"You had your chance and you hid and now you are running from Mike talk is cheap keyboard warrior." Rios continued. Rios and Gamboa were supposed to face off back in 2012 however Gamboa never showed up to the press conference due to what he claimed was a dispute with Top Rank for money.

"One day I will have the pleasure to knock you out. Until then you nothing but a stepping stone and you know it." Gamboa would respond. Both fighters are expected to be fighting soon and this little spat may have drew some eyes in Top Rank. Judging by the response of some of the fans the fight is one they would like see. 

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