IBF orders Froch-Groves rematch

Only seconds after the controversial ending to the fight between Carl Froch and George Groves on November 23rd of last year boxing fans were demanding a rematch. Since then there's been tons of talk, especially in England, of Froch and Groves facing off for the second time. Most say Froch is ducking him due to the problems that he was having against Groves in their first fight. Froch claims that Groves turned down a seven figure offer that doubled what he made in the first fight. Both sides have their stories but a rematch seemed doubtful over the last few months.

Earlier today, the IBF took a stance on the situation demanding that their champion Carl Froch defend his title against George Groves again within the next 90 days. The move is likely to get things rolling on both sides to either make the fight happen or for Froch to vacate the belt. Froch stated that he was interested in facing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in the United States before facing Groves again. The order of a rematch has likely put a damper on Froch's plans. Froch has limited time to make his next move.

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