Canelo 155 Angulo 145.5

In a strange turn of events the Showtime PPV Main Event fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo ran into a weight issue right before the weigh-in. Canelo's team made a deal with Angulo's team to raise the weight limit to 155 just hours before the actual weigh in. Canelo's team said that Canelo was having a hard time getting his weight down and because it was a non title fight they were willing to pay Angulo an extra 100k without trying to lose the final pound. Both teams agreed to the terms which also included a 3pm weigh-in the day of the fight where both fighters are not allowed to be over 168 lbs. Canelo weighed in at 155 while Angulo came in at 154.5.

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