12 Rounds Of Thought

My thoughts on Devon Alexander’s unanimous decision victory over Jesus Soto-Karass, Vasyl Lomachenko’s majority decision victory over Gary Russell Jr. and Robert Guerrero’s thrilling unanimous decision victory over Yoshihiro Kamegai.  


Round 1 – Now that was an excellent card by Golden Boy Promotions! Had everything… boxer vs. a brawler / boxer vs. boxer / brawler vs. brawler. Big win for boxing!  

Round 2 – Devon Alexander came out and showed why he can be a top welterweight contender… then he faded.  Good comeback performance, but Soto-Karass looked like the walking dead. So slow. Devon should’ve shut him out. 

Round 3 – Regardless, Alexander-Soto-Karrass was a good fight, much better than I thought.  

Round 4 – Vasyl Lomachenko “V-LO” has the ABILITY to be a superstar in the sport.  Right now he’s a very good fighter with the skill set to be special. 

Round 5 – Gary Russell Jr. will be a very good fighter despite his loss tonight.  He just fought a fighter on another level than him.  Showed a ton of heart tonight against the best competition he’s ever faced.  He was out-gunned, but not out-willed.  

Round 6 – The body work V-LO did in this was something to marvel.  Young fighters all over the planet need to take note.  It was a sight to behold. I hope he continues to lean on his body work as the fights pile up.  

Round 7 – On top of the incredible body work, V-LO’s combination punching was breathtaking at moments.  His hook to the body followed by the uppercut may be his signature.  I could watch that on loop. 

Round 8 – The 5th and 11th round versions of Vasyl Lomachenko may be a foreshadowing of what’s to come.  It’s obvious that inexperience is still evident with V-LO.  As he continues to fight, you’ll see him get more aggressive… and that’s where a superstar will be birthed.  Incredible stuff.  

Round 9 – Oh… and judging keeps getting worse.. and worse.. and worse.  How a judge saw VLO-Russell Jr. as a draw is mind boggling.  

Round 10 – I lost all interest in Robert Guerrero after he quit after the 2nd round against Floyd Mayweather Jr… Regardless, incredible fight tonight vs. Kamegai.  Possible fight of the year. Not close on the cards, but EVERY round was vicious!

Round 11 – Guerrero’s a one-dimensional fighter.  He comes forward and can bang with the best of them.  That’s it. Nothing else.  So don’t fall into the trap of believing he’s more than a brawler who can’t adjust.  

Round 12 – On the contrary, there’s a number of fighters I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight.  He’s another fighter in the mix of the HUGE stable of welterweights.  I’d love to see him fight Maidana.  That would be some great theater.  

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