12 Rounds Of Thought: Crawford-Gamboa

My thoughts on Terrance Crawfords sensational knockout victory over Yuriorkis Gamboa in a definite fight of the year candidate! 


Round 1 – Way to represent Omaha, Nebraska! 10K… and brought the house down! Incredible energy!

Round 2 – That may have been Roy Jones Jr’s best telecast in years.  I actually enjoyed listening to him… and that’s a first.

Round 3 – Yuriorkis Gamboa’s hand speed is still there… his abilities are still there… it was evident in the first 4 rounds.  

Round 4 – The problem for Gamboa is the weight division… punches he hit Crawford with early would have put smaller fighters in a world of hurt.  Crawford absorbed them well. 

Round 5 – This fight played out exactly how I thought it would… but I never expected Terrence Crawford to steal the show the way he did. 

Round 6 – The swing in this fight was huge! Gamboa dominated early… and looked to be outclassing Crawford until a beautiful counter right hook from Crawford took Gamboa’s legs out!

Round 7 – Say what you wanna say about Yuriorkis Gamboa, but that man has heart… legit will and determination!

Round 8 – He was dropped four times total… and would’ve kept fighting if the ref didn’t stop it.  Not to mention, hurt Crawford late in the fight, just didn’t have the energy or legs to follow up. 

Round 9 – So many options for Terrance Crawford and so many mouth watering match-ups! As for Gamboa, he should move down to 130 and fight Juanma Lopez… after all these years, it would still be an exciting fight.  

Round 10 – This was definitely Crawford’s coming out party… and with his size, he has the ability to move up well.  

Round 11 – Bob Arum was quoted after the fight stating that he envisions a possible Crawford-Pacquiao fight in 2015… I’m in!

Round 12 – There’s no doubt that Crawford is the best lightweight in the world… but Junior Welterweight is where it’s at.  With a possible thawing of the “Cold War”, matching Crawford up with the likes of a Danny Garcia, Peterson, Broner would be great for boxing.  On the Top Rank side, there’s Rios, Alvarado, Bradley, Provodnikov and eventually Pac-Man.  Future looks bright for the kid.  

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