Wilder and Fury exchange words

Heavyweight contenders Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury got into a heated exchange on Twitter after Wilder posted an obscene picture in where he called Fury “A nasty fat dry p***y. Fury immediately fired back. Here are some of the tweets that both fighter’s sent to each other:


Fury: @BronzeBomber (Wilder) You wanna watch your mouth be4 I break your face in Yankee doodle. #Be careful what you wish for.!#You are next.


Wilder: @Tyson_Fury aww the fat green Shrek is mad now oh Im going to hurt you so bad the only thong that will taste good to you is Mens beast milk


Fury: @BronzeBomber we will see if u have the balls to back up that Gigantic mouth. I smell p***y. I'm coming for u bi**h #manupprincess


Wilder: To all my British fans plz copy this down... (Deontay clears his throat) "I promise when this fight happens vs @Tyson_Fury I will punish him


Both Wilder and Fury are no strangers to engaging in Twitter battles. Each have had their own share of twitter issues, and this isn’t the first time that they have gone back and forth with each other. 

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