Canelo "You don't win by running"

At the end of their fight Saturday Night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV both Sual Canelo Alvarez and Erislandy Lara didn't seem happy about the way the fight went. Alvarez was agitated by Lara's style while Lara believed he won the fight with ease. Canelo won a split decision victory over Lara. Here is what both fighters had to say.


"I came to fight, I didn't come to run here," Canelo said. "You don't win by running. You win by hitting. He does have a great jab and he moves around, but you don't win a fight that way. You don't run.


"I want to leave people with a good taste in their mouth. This wasn't the fight I expected; I wanted to go toe to toe. He didn't come to fight. He came to run. He's a great boxer - I respect him - but he has to learn how to throw more punches."


It was an early birthday present for Canelo, who turns 24 in six days and is now 8-1 in 12 round fights.


"When he learns how to fight then I'll give him the rematch," Canelo said. "For now, my birthday is coming and we're going to have fun."


The 32-year-old Lara, who pressured Canelo into the dangerous bout via social media, was upset with the split decision.


"One hundred percent I won this fight," Lara said. "I was controlling the rounds and, worse, I made him look bad in front of his fans. People know I won this fight.


"The body shots connected but they didn't have any force. I still have no respect for him. I'm asking for a rematch. One hundred percent I'll do the same and we'll win again."

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