Pacquiao Should Retire - Koncz

Koncz, the business adviser to Manny Pacquiao, told that he recommended Pacquiao retires. “I already recommended that he retire. When you start to have injuries, especially at this magnitude, that’s an indication to me that the body is starting to wear down.” “Does Manny still have the speed and skills? Yeah! But his injuries are starting to come. "

Pacquiao had surgery after the Mayweather fight to repair a tear in his rotator cuff. It will take about six to nine months to fully recover from the surgery.

Koncz is insistent on not talking about a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch. Mayweather after the fight said he would give Pacquiao a rematch then changed his mind. Mayweather also stated that his last fight will be in September and this definitely leaves Pacquiao out as he will still be recovering.

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