Floyd Mayweather Should Sit 2015 Out

After watching Amir Khan's performance last night, and more so watching the reactions of fans across the world, I am even more of a believer now than I was after the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that Floyd Mayweather should take the rest of 2015 off to relax, enjoy his $200 million dollars, and wait until next year to finish out his six fight contract with Showtime. My main reason for wanting Floyd to take a seat on the back burning for the rest of the year...who is he going to fight? Or the better question, who are fans going to pay to see him fight?

The simple answer right now is nobody. While the fight between Khan-Algieri was a very entertaining fight with back and forth action that could maybe contend for Fight of the Year at this point it failed to show the one thing that Khan wanted to show the world, that his style could beat Floyd Mayweather's. I for one used to think that as well but ever since he's stepped up the competition I feel as though I've seen more flaws that Floyd would expose. Fans were bashing Khan last night because Algieri was supposed to be a showcase of Khan's talent that would challenge Floyd and instead it just showed that he wasn't ready to step into the ring with the pound for pound King.

So if fans don't care about a Mayweather-Khan fight, and Mayweather-Golovkin is simply out of the question because of Golovkin's huge size advantage, then who do the fans want to see Floyd Mayweather fight next? Nobody. That's the truth. Sure, Mayweather is going to do about 900K PPV buys for fighting anyone. Is that how he really wants to go out though? Facing a guy that he will be a huge favorite against that no one really wants to see? At this point in his career aren't we done with the "Mayweather is going to kill him so it's a pointless fight" type of fights. We are done with the Guerrero's, Maidana's, and Ortiz's.

We want suspense, intrigue, we want a challenger that will make us lean back in our chairs with a smirk on our face when we read it across our screen and say, "Now that's a good fight for Floyd." Right now, only Gennady Golovkin provides that feeling. Golovkin is big though, and to pressure Floyd into that fight or to give him the "ducking" title for not facing Golovkin would be unfair.

Floyd has just been to good for his own good. Keith Thurman could provide a test but his name is still relatively unknown. Also, most don't think Thurman has any chance other than a knockout punch. Danny Garcia has a mountain of problems to climb after losing two of his last three fights but somehow getting controversial decisions. Brook is building a name but he's still not known in the United States.

When Floyd Mayweather took 2008 off Manny Pacquiao filled his shows as the dominate force. By taking the rest of 2015, by early next year maybe someone will emerge of all the guys I mentioned as the top guy in the welterweight division. Maybe people will believe in the likes of Khan, Thurman, Garcia, or Brook to be able to beat Floyd Mayweather. Let them fight it out, with each other if need be, and see what happens. That is what Floyd needs right now, an opponent the provides a threat. An opponent that fans "want" to see him fight. In June of 2015, he doesn't have that right now. He's also stated that he is tired of training, and that his heart hasn't been in it lately. Time away from the sport would be good to get that hunger back. Next year he could have a foe that fans are calling for him to face, and he could have that hunger back to train one or two more times. This is why I believe Floyd should use 2015 to relax, take some time off, and come back in 2016. Right now he is the King with no one able to challenge him for the throne. In 2016, things could be different.

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