Shane Mosley would have liked Marquez, Trinidad in prime

Sugar Shane Mosley took some time to answer some questions of his fans on Twitter. One interesting question that came to light was one that asked who Sugar Shane regretted, or wanted, to face that he hadn't faced years ago.

"Who is the best fighter you wish you could have fought but didn't? In your era..." The question was raised.

"I don't know about them being the best. I fought all the best, but I would have liked to fight Marquez or Trinidad." Mosley responded.

One idea that was always eluding to the mind was the fact that Sugar Shane Mosley and Felix Trinidad never shared the same ring, though both were dominant forces in the same weight class at the same time.

When one fan presented the idea that he could still fight Juan Manuel Marquez today with it being the final fight of both, Mosley joked:

"I told him the same thing, He scared bro."

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