Carl Froch: A Tough Decision Lies Ahead

Britian's super middleweight star Carl Froch has promised that by the end of this week he will make a decision regarding his future in the sport of boxing. It's a choice that never comes easy for a boxer. To abandon the sport they love, the job that they have had for years, the only job they know. Retirement is always a good thought. Sometimes, though, especially in boxing, it'a thought that tricks you into thinking that it's better than it actually is. Fighter's get the urge to fight again after being away from the sport for so long. If they retire when they are not ready they find themselves urging to come back. Just ask Oscar De La Hoya.

Froch's decision this week has the attention of not just his fans though, but of that of the world of boxing. That decision has many fans interested for one enormous reason...Gennady Golovkin. Fans have been yearning for the opportunity to see the one that they call triple G in a huge fight, a fight that will test him, a fight that will see him less than a 7-1 favorite. Carl Froch is the only person available that poses that threat right now. As Froch nears the end of this career he has given himself three options. Retire, fight James DeGale, or fight Gennady Golovkin. In any situation he's earned the right to whatever choice he pleases. He's earned the right to retire. He's earned the right to face James DeGale at home in front of a massive crowd to quiet his bad mouthing of Froch. Carl Froch has never been one to back down from a fight. He's fought the best of the best, at their best, in a very very good era of middle and super middleweights. His thirteen year career stacks a resume of fighter's that will charge him through the front doors of the Boxing Hall of Fame.

As a fighter he has nothing else to prove. However, to say that there is no pressure on him would be a false statement. The fans want Froch-Golovkin. Any other decision that comes from Froch that doesn't involve facing Golovkin is going to be a huge disappointment. Somewhere in the back of his mind Froch has to know that. If you know anything about Carl Froch you know that he loves himself, and he loves to challenge himself. He also hates to disappoint. When Froch said that he would be willing to face Golovkin two weeks ago he had to expect the pressure from the public. He's getting it. Perhaps more so is the pressure coming from himself. Froch wants to be the guy to beat Golovkin. For him to have all of the bragging rights in the world about beating the world's most avoided fighter before retirement would send Froch away on the highest horse there is. He would embellish it for the rest of his life.

The decision to retire is always tough. The decision to face the world's most dangerous fighter at the end of your career is even tougher. There is an itch to try to beat him, but there is also an itch to leave the sport for good. Safety and health come in to play as well. One thing Froch must ask himself, is he ready to leave the sport of boxing? Is never fighting again a thought that he relishes in, or in the back of his mind is he thinking he has a few fights left in him? The pressure from the boxing community is on to face Gennady Golovkin. Froch would be the underdog, something that he likes. He also needs the motivation. When thinking of continuing your career you have to ask the question, who do I want to really beat that will make me train? Golovkin provides that as well. At the end of the day the decision lies on Froch. This week is the week he will decide. It won't be an easy one, and anything other than Golovkin would likely be a disappointment. Whatever the choice though, Froch as earned it.

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