Floyd Mayweather to CBS?

As we get closer to September 12th many are anticipating Floyd Mayweather's announcement regarding who his next, and possible final, opponent will be. Mayweather has hinted to the public that both Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield are in the mix. There is also the possibility of Amir Khan, who many believe Mayweather is toying with by mentioning names like Berto and Mayfield, who just happen to be Khan's sparring partners. Mind games are a favorite of Floyd and no one plays them better when it comes to announcing his next fight.

As Floyd continues to play with the minds of the public and his opponents one surprising thing has come to light. Mayweather's next fight has a "good" chance of landing on CBS as part of Al Haymon's PBC series. Meaning no Showtime PPV, and no money dished out by the public to watch Floyd fight. Showtime is owned by CBS and the revenue that could be made from advertising would likely be enough to make a profit off the fight despite having to dish out $32 million to Mayweather's purse.

Floyd is expected to make an announcement this week about what the final plan will be. Sources close to the situation are favoring a CBS fight over a PPV with Andre Berto and Amir Khan as the leading opponents. A Floyd Mayweather fight on regular television would be huge for the sport of boxing and for the PBC series.

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