Terrel Williams DQ10 Prichard Colon

In a strange turn of events, the fight is stopped after 9 rounds when Colon’s corner took off his gloves thinking the fight had ended. The official ruling Terrel Williams DQ win over Prichard Colon @ the 10th RD.

Prichard Colon started strong using his hand speed connecting well. Terrel Williams, pressed the action & found a home for his left hook. Both fighters came to fight as neither backed off throwing combinations. Williams landed some nice combinations in round two. Colon, using his great footwork slipped many of Williams wide punches. The third round was mush of the same, another close round. As Colon landed Williams countered with the lead right hand letting him know he was there and ready. Colon landed the sharper punches but Williams was countering well with some solid hard right hands. Williams had a great 5th round as he hurt Colon early in the round then again in the middle of the round. Colon looked hurt and jumped on his bicycle. Colon then got 2 points taken away by Joe Cooper for an intentional low blow. Into the 6th round Williams was the effective aggressor pressing the action and landing some good punches. Colon countering with combos down the middle. Colon started to see problems into the seven round as Williams started to punish the body of Colon and turning the fight around. During the middle of the round Colon, showing some theatrics as he was punched in the back of the head. Ref stopped the fight for the ringside doctor to check him out. The ref took away a point. This gave Colon a long time to recover as he took most of the five minutes. Prichard Colon looked a bit more refreshed in the 8th round. The fight was close in the 9th and both fighters need the last rounds to win the fight. Williams scored two knockdowns in the 9th round and Colon was saved by the bell. Then someone in Colon’s corner thought that the fight was over and started to take off Colon’s gloves. As they realized the fight was going into the 10th round the corner started to put the gloves back on. The commission called the fight because the corner took off the gloves while the fight was still going on.

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