Klitschko-Fury Final Press Quotes

“I hope Wlad’s trained very hard. I’m not going to go on too much because I don’t want to scare him off again like last time. As we know, if I say a lot of stuff at the press conferences, then we usually don’t have any fights. So I’m gonna wind it back in and just wait for the fight night. I didn’t believe this fight was going to happen for a long, long time. I’m coming very fast for you, Wlad. Old guy, young guy, old champion, new champion. Enough said. Amen.” - Tyson Fury

Wladimir Klitschko: “This time I have a very colorful guy that is young and wants to have a real challenge. Of course, I heard what he said that he’s nervous, which means he’s well-prepared, which means he’s alert. It’s good to be nervous. I’m nervous before every fight and I always face some new challenges. I’m really happy that this fight is taking place on Saturday night.” - Wladimir Klitschko

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