Sullivan Barrera blasts Andre Ward

Undefeated light heavyweight Sullivan Barrera was supposed to be getting ready to square off against Andre Ward in March. Ward took to social media to state that he didn't know who is next opponent was going to be and that the rumors that people were hearing were false.

"Premature information being leaked to the media. I don't know who my next opponent for my next fight is. I have no contract." Ward stated in regards to anything being done. Barrera caught word of the news, and he was not happy with it.

"Stop find excuse. Tell Promoter to send contract. Is your promoter Jay-Z or J.C Penny." Barrera responded.

Word is that Barrera originally wasn't going to agree to take 300K to face Andre Ward on March 26th. Barrera then changed his tune agreeing to the fight but for some reason Andre Ward still hasn't given it the green light. Barrera sounds frustrated and is having fun on Twitter with cartoons making fun of Jay-Z and Ward hand picking cheap opponents.

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