Broner-Garcia Round-by-Round Prediction

Adrien Broner weighed in at 138 ¾ pounds Friday afternoon at the Brooklyn Marriott for his 12-round, super-lightweight fight against Mikey Garcia.

The former four-division world champion is coming off a close split decision victory over Adrian Granados in February – a fight that many analysts had the Illinois fighter winning. Garcia (36-0, 30 KO’s), who is moving up from lightweight, came in at a career high 139 ½ pounds. He knocked out Montenegro’s Dejan Zlaticanin to claim the WBC World lightweight title in January.

How will the fight play out? Let’s do a round-by-round take.

Round 1

Broner connects with a few jabs to start the round, while Garcia finds the target with a straight right hand and an uppercut. Both fighters are tentative, but it is Garcia who is getting off to the better start, relying on his fundamentals.

Winner: Garcia 10-9

Round 2

Garcia catches Broner with a right hand and drops him for a flash knockdown, and Broner spends the rest of the round on defense.

Winner: Garcia 10-8 (20-17)

Round 3

Garcia lands a series of punishing rights on Broner, but the former champion refuses to give up, and both men trade leather in the center of the ring. Garcia appears to be in control.

Winner: Garcia 10-9 (30-26)

Round 4

Garcia hurts and staggers Broner with an uppercut and lands another big right hand, but it also appears he is using up a lot of energy trying to finish Broner, who remains in the fight.

Winner: Garcia 10-9 (40-35)

Round 5

Broner lands a left hook and lets loose with a combination that keeps Garcia honest on the inside. The lightweight champion comes back with a right hand, but Broner is getting the better of him, and lets his opponent know that he is not going anywhere.

Winner: Broner 10-9 (49-45)

Round 6

Broner outboxes Garcia on the outside and lands a solid combination to the body. Garcia closes the distance and both men trade lefts and rights. Great round for both, but Broner did enough to win it.

Winner: Broner 10-9 (58-55)

Round 7

Garcia traps Broner on the ropes and lands a crushing uppercut. Broner has to tie up and Garcia continues to fire away with the jab and showcases his power once more with the straight right hand.

Winner: Garcia (68-64)

Round 8

Broner lands a lead left hook and drops Garcia for a flash knockdown. He tries to finish the fight, but instead it turns into an all-out brawl. Garcia catches Broner with a right hand and sends him down to even up the round.

Winner: Even Round (77-73)

Round 9

Both fighters are low on gas, but there was no feeling out in this round, as both men really went at it. It was a spirited exchange, but Broner gets the edge in this type of a fight.

Winner: Broner (86-83)

Round 10 and 11

It is more of the same – a brawl. Both fighters are landing serious pop and it appears Broner is on a rally.

Both rounds to Broner (104-103)

Round 12

Broner is all but gassed as the 12th round begins and Garcia capitalizes on the opportunity to punish Broner throughout the round, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Prediction: Garcia by TKO 12 – Fight of the Year candidate

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