Mayweather-McGregor Weigh-In Time

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are set to weigh-in today at 6pm EST for their mega-event tomorrow night in Las Vegas. The weigh-in will be shown live on Showtime, and it most likely will be shown across different outlets at that time.

The final press conference was quiet two days ago, unlike the press conferences eight weeks ago that turned into a roast more than a boxing press conference. Weigh-in's are usually intense, and sometimes a fight breaks out. As much as Mayweather and McGregor dislike each other there seems to be some sort of stipulation in the contract where neither fighter is allowed to attack the other, or anything of the sort. While the weigh-in will be watched by millions it's expected that it will be a "hands off" weigh-in. Unless Floyd and Conor have decided to show some spectacle to sell more tickets and PPV buys we should get a standard weigh-in with the final face-off being fun.

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